Dog allergy???


Do any of you or do you know of anyone that has a dog allergy. My poor DD is allergic to their salivia and urine. She wants a dog so bad and I feel really bad that I can't get her one. I took her to build a bear and we built a dog for her. She loves it but everyday she says mommy can we get a real dog named ocean. I just tell her we will see and then she thanks me. I did not know if any of you have a real dog ideas.....Just needed some info from personal experience. I have done some research to non allergic dogs but still I am not sold yet....TIA

On Nov 3, 2007

Hello- My son had a very severe cat allergy and is slightly allergic to dogs. I have not had to deal with him wanting an animal yet because he is only 2 years old but I am not looking forward to that day. does your daughter understand that she is allergic? I don't really know the answer but wanted to let you know that I feel for you!


On Nov 3, 2007

Hi, just wanted you to know that our family will never have a cat or dog due to my dd's allergies, Her cat allergy and symptoms are known to her so that one is easy to deal with. She doesn't react too badly to dogs but you never know if that is going to remain that way.

In my experience my dd has reacted to all cats and dogs. There are so many people who have said "oh don't worry nobody is bothered by my dog/cat." Then she has reacted as usual. This was a long time ago. Now she does not go near any cat or dog. If friends/family can't put their pet in another room or outside while we visit then we don't go.

I've always had dogs prior to her allergy so that was more hard for me to adjust to. This would be so hard if it was the other way around. Is there another pet that she shows any interest in?

On Nov 3, 2007

My daughter had terrible eczema when she was a baby so we took her to the allergist. She tested positive to dogs on both the skin test and RAST. We had two small dogs in the house, and one was a "hypoallergenic" breed. Having tried everything to get rid of her eczema, I reluctantly took the allergist's advice and found them them a new home, even though she didn't appear to react to them. I did it for two reasons. I didn't want to take the risk that the dogs would contribute to her developing asthma and I wanted to see if her eczema would get better. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but within a month, her eczema did get significantly better.

Having said that, my neighbor's son is allergic to dogs but they kept their dog. He used to break out into hives when he was licked but now seems to better tolerate his own dog, but not others. He also has eczema but it does not seem to be affected by the dog.

On Nov 3, 2007

My oldest son and my daughter are both allergic to dogs.

I wouldn't risk getting a dog... while my son is okay around a single dog if we're visiting someone, being around one for an extended period of time a whole other story.

Those "non allergic" dogs will not help in the saliva/urine allergies.