dog allergies

Posted on: Tue, 05/04/2004 - 4:03pm
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This question has nothing to do with PA but.. it does have to do with allergies. My baby loves our dog and sometimes goes and rubs his face all in her fur. I have never suspected he has any allergy to her cause I figured he would be sniffling all the time or something (he does get sick alot). Anyway the last two times he has done that I have noticed hives on his face. Not really bad but several large ones. My son has really sensitive skin. Would you suspect an allergy to the dog or would anyway breakout like that if she rubbed up against a dirty dog? I dont really notice any other symtoms.

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 1:25am
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I thought I was allergic to dogs for a while, because I would have breathing problems anytime I got near my BIL's two dogs. They lived in a rural area, and it turned out they were getting pollens on their coats from playing outside.
You may want to check for environmental allergies as well as dog allergies. An allergist can test for these things. Of course, you can also see if the baby reacts to the dog's fur after the dog has been bathed.
What about the dog food - could it have peanuts in it? Some do.
Good luck.

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 1:30am
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My ds is very allergic to dogs according to his numbers, I have not noticed symptoms when he is around them however. At one point he was getting hives after they licked him, I found soy in their dog food. After changing food and treats we haven't had any more problems. Just for good measure I try to bathe the dogs every two weeks in Aller-x, I figured with such high numbers and the allergist telling me to get rid of the dogs, I should do something.

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 2:34am
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My ds is very allergic to dogs, although he doesn't get a sniffy, runny nose or trouble breathing, he does get hives when licked by a dog.
I don't have a dog but I do allow him to play with our neighbors dog within reason. It doesn't seem to bother him,I'll pull him away if he is breaking out too much and I'll just make sure the dog saliva doesn't stay on his face. This is okay according to his allergist.

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 3:11am
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My DD is also allergic to dogs. We noticed after she received a few "kisses" from our neighbor's bichon. She would get a red rash on her face and her eyes would start to swell shut. She never had a stuffy nose around dogs (like me). She also tested negatively on the first stage of skin testing. However, I mentioned her reactions to our allergist and he said she's allergic and that we should not have any pets. Unfortunately, she loves dogs. I will let her say hello to friendly dogs but try to ensure she doesn't touch them and that the don't give her a kiss.

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 6:33am
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I would also check the dog food as well. I noticed my son getting a very bad rash on his face after being close with our dog. He was just a little guy at the time. We've had the dog for years and my ds didnt' have any problem with her until I changed her dog food b/c it had peanut hulls in it. The new dog food had fish meal and fish oil so I changed it again and the rash mysteriously disappeared!!

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 10:24am
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I am also allergic to dogs. I can pet them but have to immediately wash my hands. I cannot allow their fur to touch any part of my body other than my hand or I will break out in hives.
My [b]ex-mil [/b] thought it was funny and would laugh that I was allergic from her dog and I would break out into hives.
In the winter I could only stay in her house for aproximately 1/2 hour without a window open because my lungs just start shutting down on me.
My ds who has pa is also allergic to dogs and certain kinds bother him and certain ones don't. We had a cookout at my brothers last year and he has a black lab and he got tight and started weezing becuase of the dog, but yet my ex mil had a black lab never bothered him. GO figure.

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 9:30pm
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I would get wheezy and little hives on my face and arms if I touched a dog. My son is allergic too, but he says its because of me that we can't have a dog. I let him play with the neighbours dog and sure enough he started sneezing, his chest tightened and his eyes got red and itchy. I said "I told you so." Why is it that people who love animals are allergic?

Posted on: Thu, 05/06/2004 - 4:01am
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My ds was RAST tested before he was 1 because he had terrible excema that wasn't cured by anything we tried. It turned out that he was allergic to our beloved Porkchop and we had to give him to a family member. I felt so bad for my husband- it was HIS first real dog and he picked him out, but we had to do what was best for our son. But we still really miss our dog, as well.

Posted on: Thu, 05/06/2004 - 4:23am
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It is sad to think about him perhaps being allergic to the dog because the kids and my husband love the dog so much (I do too, just not her hair). She is a big loveable black lab and it would be awful to have to give her away. My son has eczema as well that never really goes away. Now that I have him totally off dairy I was hoping it would improve but it hasnt.

Posted on: Thu, 05/06/2004 - 9:08am
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I love our allergist! Even though PA DS tested allergic to dogs (I suspected a pet allergy and asked for the test, but expected it to be cats--boy, was I surprised!), our allergist didn't recommend we get rid of our dog. He said to make sure that the dog stayed out of DS's room, get a HEPA filter to put in there, and bathe the dog frequently. Also, he said removing carpeting from the bedroom would help, if possible. We've tried to be more diligent about keeping Mac out of DS's room, and already had a HEPA filter in there. We're really awful about bathing Mac (he's a Sheltie--lots of long hair), but it doesn't seem to bother DS much at all. Tree pollens are a worse problem for him. We're moving soon, and planning to have bare floors put in the bedrooms instead of carpet, so that will help as well. DS seems to react noticeably to dogs he isn't around on a daily basis, but I don't know if it's because he's acclimated to the "daily" dogs or because the other dogs are eating food with other allergens in them.

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