Does your plan differentiate foods for \'self consumption\' v. \'general consumption\'?


Our 504 makes a distinction between foods that students bring in for individual consumption and food provided for general consumption at school sponsored activites. So any food served at the school (e.g. lunch, classroom parties or activities, PTA events, after school activities, etc ) is safe for all children to eat.

But food brought into the school for individual consumption (e.g. a student lunch or snack from home) is considered unsafe for Mariah to eat.

The 504 describes unversal cleaning procedures that every student (all grade levels) must perform after eating. Teachers/staff supervise cleaning after any eating occurs.

Anyone else do it this way?

On Dec 8, 2006


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On Dec 9, 2006


Would you mind sharing Mariah's 504 with me? I'm just getting started with scheduling a pre-504 meeting with the Intermediate School principal, our current principal, and myself. He's already had one heads-up in which he sent a rep while we were modifying Ryan's 504 for the current year last June. But we're ready to meet and schedule a meeting to discuss issues pertaining to attending the new school.

Mariah's in 7th grade? Our Intermediate school is 5-7.

On Dec 10, 2006

I'm most willing to share. Let me know how you'd like to arrange it.

This type of differentiation doesn't allow for a peanut-free classroom. But when Mariah entered Middle School, it worked really well for us because 'universal cleaning procedures' are part of the plan.