Does seating matter?


We are traveling overseas next month on Korean Air---- who has not been very accomodating. Does anyone think that sitting on the second floor (747) would make any difference? I feel that my son would not be exposed to the entire plane, so it may limit risk.....does this make any sense?

I am really dreading this flight and would appreciate any advice!

I just found this site and it is wonderful. Thank you!

On Oct 5, 2006

Hey there Jennys,

Unfortunatly I've never flown this airline, but from the airlines that I do/have flown, I prefer sitting as far away from first class as possible. Basically, even if you can convince them to get rid of peanuts on the flight, most of the airlines still insist on serving "mixed nuts" to their first class passengers. Plus, usually on flights, they'll fill up from front to back -- So usually if you get a back row, unless the flight is wayyy booked, you end up with a bit of space (atleast in my experience).

Obviously, like I said before, I don't know this airline...Have you checked into any other airline that might possibly be more cooperative, or is it a situation where you're stuck with one specific airline (like I was when I was flying to & from Guam - and stuck with continental...)

On Oct 5, 2006

hiya -

I don't think it matters too much if you are in a larger space or smaller space if peanuts are being served. Definitely helps if those around your seats aren't eating them, but the odor/dust is still floating around and getting recirculated.

On one of my last flights it was a small plane (1 seat on 1 side and 2 seats on the other) and the flight attendant served cashews to everyone. I didn't think much of it really, I am TNA, but have never reacted...air or ingestion. Well...I blew up like someone who is having a bad environmental allergy attack. Controlled with benadryl it was all ok.

however, the flight back was also on a small plane and just in case I bought some N95 masks to have on hand. Thank fully, the flight attendant was very understanding and didn't serve them...since it was a small plane he was able to get a box of goldfish crackers for the flight.

I did test out the mask before flying, just sitting watching tv wearing it b/c it is a bit more difficult to breathe through the filter. I'm not sure how your child would do. Also, it wouldn't help with itchy eyes (if that happens) they made benadryl eye drops?'s worth looking into - just go to a hospital/medical supply store to check out the various kinds. I have them on hand now when I fly "just in case", though I do fly peanut free never know! And...I'll be all set for a flu or SARS epidemic [img][/img]

You should check to see if the plane carries oxygen as the event of a reaction --- pure air is essential and if they have an oxygen tank, you should be good.

At least now, you can get the benadryl quick dissolve strips and the chewables...that way you can save your "4oz of liquid" for some topical benadryl for any contact reactions. Though...see if your allergist can write an RX for it...that way it has a pharmacy label.

good luck [img][/img] Adrienne

------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Nov 1, 2006

Adrienne--forgive me! I just sent you a question on another thread and here you are addressing the very issue I am so afraid of!

Please tell me all about how you manage in foreign countries!!! Susie T-R

On Nov 1, 2006


Originally posted by SusieT-R: [b]Adrienne--forgive me! I just sent you a question on another thread and here you are addressing the very issue I am so afraid of!

Please tell me all about how you manage in foreign countries!!! Susie T-R[/b]

sorry - I don't always read all the threads...

I actually have never been outside the US...others on here have though, I know for certain Erik has.


Edited to add: I haven't been out of the country just 'because' I've never had the opportunity, not b/c of my PA/TNA.

------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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