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Posted on: Thu, 10/18/2001 - 3:06am
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My son was diagnosed with PA at 13 months. He just turned 2 1/2 and is 38 inches tall and 30 lbs. (we call him "Stretch"!). He's already half his father's height of 6' 2" I'm 5' 6", and the pediatrician thinks my son may end up near 6' 4". My son's always been in the 100th percentile for height (he was 9 lbs. 1 oz and 21 1/2 inches at birth).

Posted on: Thu, 01/24/2002 - 12:57am
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Hi Amy!
I know how you feel. I have a seven year old who has PA and he is very thin and short for his age. My doctor has run all kinds of tests and came up blank. He eats constantly. And for seven only weighs 39 pounds. I have tried everything in hopes to finding why he will not gain weight. Even took him off Flovent. But that didn't work. One good thing to look at, is you do not have to buy new clothes for him that often. Good luck in your journey.
Shanes Mom



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