Does LabCorp do the CAP RAST?


LabCorp here on the East Coast is the largest lab around. Last time my daughter had a CAP RAST only Quest Labs had that test (or maybe the particular person I talked to at LabCorp didn't know what I was talking about). Now my insurance changed and I can only go to Labcorp. Has anyone used them for a cap rast?

On Sep 28, 2001

Yes Kathy, I used LabCorp for my sons' CapRast back in July of this year. They do have to send it to Texas I believe though so the results will take about 5 days. Good Luck!

On Oct 1, 2001


Thanks for the heads up about Labcorp sending CAP RAST to TX to run the test. Here in Maryland I've tried to findout unsuccessfully how to get CAP RAST done- they seam to only know about RAST. I'll post if am sucessful next May/June to get multiply food allergic son tested by CAP RAST.


On Oct 1, 2001

Jandy, that was the problem I had - they could do a Rast but they didn't know what it was or couldn't do a cap rast. That's why I asked about LabCorp.

On Oct 1, 2001

OOPS! I just looked at my sons paperwork and Labcorp sends the sample to IBT Reference Lab 10453 West 84th Terr. Lenexa, Kansas (not Texas, I knew it was in the south but didn't remember correctly the other night.)

Labcorp lab in New Jersey is 1-908-526-2400 or the Physician # is 1-800-223-0631. I'm sure they won't get mad if you call and ask. Just play dumb and (works for me all the time! Tee-Hee!) I'll bet the'll give you info or a number to call in your state.

BTW, DS had Cap Rast in July '01 and it came back 48.2 Ku/L which is a high Class IV bordering Class V (which starts at 50.00). Sorry for the misinformation but my insurance did cover it.

Best of Luck to all. It was the longest 5 days I ever spent waiting. Fran [img][/img]