Does Food Trigger your Asthmatic Cough?

Posted on: Tue, 06/28/2005 - 11:40pm
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Hi, I have cough-variant asthma. I just cough - I don't wheeze.

Besides dogs, some car air conditioners, fumes, etc. etc.
the main trigger for my asthma is food. I don't cough after eating at home. It usually only happens when I'm traveling and eating in restaurants. Sometimes I can't even finish my meal, I'm coughing so hard. Ventolin stops the cough but I end up puffing on it after every meal, until I'm shaking.

My allergist has decided it might be a swallowing problem and told me to see a GI Dr....which I did. Now I have to schedule a viedoesophagram with speech therapist.
It's basically an upper GI....swallow barium in different types of food (thin, thick, dry, etc.) and see what happens when I swallow. It sounds very expensive...but I'm going to do it.

But I'm convinced the cough is from FA. Obviously not PN as I've been PN free since dx in January. Seems if it was a swallowing problem it would also happen when I'm at home.

Does anyone cough when eating? Have you figured out the cause?

(I've tried long-term asthma meds - but would prefer to avoid the cough trigger rather than be on the meds for months when I'm not traveling)

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