Does anyone know the laws in NY?

Posted on: Thu, 08/14/2003 - 10:47pm
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School starts here in 2 weeks for our dd's who are entering 6th and 4th grade.

Our 6th grader has asthma and goes to the nurse to use her inhaler when she needs it. This past year went well, however the year before did not. She was having lots of bad attacks in school and they had to call me sevetral times from work to come get her. Sometimes she had to wait for them to find the nurse so she could get her inhaler.

Our 4th grader has PA and recently DX'd with asthma. The school and her teachers have been very good about it. Even her friends are always looking out for her.

But my concern is, what if she has a reaction and the nurse isn't there? She may not have time to wait. Does anyone know the laws in NY regarding kids carrying their own meds, or at least having them in the classroom? How do you all deal with this?



Posted on: Thu, 08/14/2003 - 11:08pm
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Children in New York are allowed to carry their inhalers.
New York State Assembly Consolidated Law, Education
Article 19, Section 916 Pupils afflicted with asthma
The board of education or trustees of each school district and board of cooperative educational services shall allow pupils who have been diagnosed by a physician or other duly authorized healthcare provider with a severe asthmatic condition to carry and use a prescribed inhaler during the school day, with the written permission of a physician or other duly authorized health care provider, and parental consent, based on such physician

Posted on: Fri, 08/15/2003 - 4:43am
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In NYS, children can carry their own meds, and non-nursing personnel can administer when necessary. My son has a fanny pack that stays in his classroom, and follows him when he goes to different areas of the school. All teachers he is in contact with are trained to use the epipen. In addition, there are several epipens in the nurses office, as well as one in his backpack.
We had to lobby the school board to change their policy, which was that all meds were locked in the nurse's office.

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