Does anyone know of a good allergist in Rochester NY?


Our middle dd has seen an allergist in Rochester (Dr. Dreyfus), but I wasn't thrilled with him. After our dd had an ana reaction, he suggested just to try and avoid peanuts. He's much older and possibly out of date with things. His bedside manner was great, I just want a Dr that is more aggressive when my dd's life depends on it.

Since our dd has had another peanut reaction, has now been DX'd with asthma and her eczema has been terrible for months, I think it's time she saw another allergist (it's been a year since she saw the first one).

If anyone knows of a good allergist in or around Rochester, I would love to hear about it your experiences!!!!!

Thank you!


------------------ B: asthma, bee sting allergy, mild EA's and eczema

M: peanut & nut, severe EA's and eczema, asthma

A: asthma, peanut, nut, fish, penicillin, severe EA's and eczema

On Sep 19, 2003

I posted to this awhile back but I guess for some reason it didn't take. Our kids both go to an allergist in Rochester, they have several offices and have rights at Strong Memorial Hospital (our ds is alumni NICU). We are very happy with their Dr. Her name is Mariola Kubicka and their office in Perinton is 585-425-1650 Greece 585-225-5735 Westfall 585-442-0150 Hope this helps. Wendy