Does Anyone In The Province of Ontario Have an Aide That Eats With Their Children?

Posted on: Fri, 05/18/2001 - 4:19am
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pDoes anyone in the province of Ontario have an educational aide that eats with their PA child during snack and lunch? If you do have an aide, how did you go about getting one?br /
Also, if you do have an aide, does your child only have PA or are there other food allergies involved?/p
pHere is the reason I'm asking. Last year, Jesse's JK teacher sat beside him during all snacks and lunches for the year. This year, in SK, he had the same teacher until she left at the end of February, but I guess she felt comfortable enough with his PA that she didn't feel the need to sit right beside him anymore. However, she was still in close proximity./p
pJesse has just told me now that his current teacher is not in the classroom at lunch at all. Apparently, another person who Jesse thinks is a teacher is in the classroom with them while he is eating lunch, although this person does not sit beside him./p
pNow, the classroom is "peanut free" but I'm actually unclear as to how the lunch boxes are checked by the teacher to see if the food inside is "safe" or not. She actually asked me what the procedure was when she first started. I actually wasn't clear and for this reason I feel like BAD MOMMY. I just somehow thought that his teacher had a plan in place and that she had gone over this with the replacement teacher (which she didn't)./p
pThe other concern I have is that Jesse attends morning assembly in another classroom, which is not "peanut free". Also, when they have indoor recess and lunch, as they did yesterday, they go to the other classroom after eating to watch a video. This is after the children have eaten and not having had their hands washed./p
pI have never requested a hand washing routine for Jesse's class and certainly wouldn't have thought to have it implemented for other classes. But how was I to know that he was attending morning assembly in another class?br /
Again, I feel like BAD MOMMY. /p
pThe whole thing is, this is my first child going to school. I know that we should be aware of every thing that is going on in the school but sometimes this is very difficult t navigate, especially when you have people there that don't want to work with you re this. /p
pDo you know that it wasn't until I read Rilira's 26 point 504 Plan for her daughter Rachel that I realized that Jesse shouldn't be drinking out of drinking fountains, that I should have the soap checked to make sure it was checked, etc.? /p
pI'm really feeling that I have not been educated enough about what to put into place at school. This is definitely my fault. I am not looking to place blame on anyone but myself. /p
pBut, I am hoping for some words of wisdom and information as to how I can correct this situation for Jesse entering Grade One this September. I consider myself really fortunate in that Jesse has not had a reaction at school in the nearly two years that he has been there. If he had, it would have been MY fault./p
pAs I've mentioned on this board before, I have a blanket school board policy. I currently have another PA parent fine tooth combing this for me as she has a very similar blanket school board policy where she /
It basically ensures my child to a "peanut free" classroom./p
pIf you are in Ontario and have seen a blanket school board policy and feel you know it well enough, what would YOU be asking for for YOUR child going to school?/p
pFor people out of Ontario, what would YOUR requirements be for YOUR child? What do you feel I should get implemented for Jesse to enter Grade One and to relatively ensure his safety while at school?/p
pI know that I titled this one thing and then kinda veered off, but I think you can see why./p
pAny information and advice would be greatly appreciated./p
pMany thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]/p

Posted on: Fri, 05/18/2001 - 5:30am
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Cindy you'll get a lot of good information I am sure, but just quickly for now I will say - be kind to yourself! The months around our children's entry into Grade 1 are very very stressful. Be alert to this and do not be too hard on yourself.
Don't feel you must accomplish everything by the time school starts in September. Try for the best situation you can negotiate with your school, and keep on working on the rest. This was the advice I had from my support group leader at the time. I have to admit, though, it was tough to keep my feet on the ground. I wish these boards had been around then!

Posted on: Wed, 05/23/2001 - 8:31am
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Cindy at my son's school the children who are peanut allergic eat together in a meeting room supervised by some middle school children who volunteer for the job. The vice-principal's office is near by and he checks in regularly on them. My son comes home for lunch so only rarely has eaten with this group but it has worked well when needed.
As for the current procedure for checking, I think you need to ask the principal for a copy of the printed procedure. That will be their clue that they need to write it down. You can say that you need to review it and that you want to be sure that it is attached to Jesse's emergency plan. I sound like a broken record now: yet another issue for a superintendent meeting.
All classrooms that Jesse is regularly in must be peanut free so the morning assembly classroom is a huge problem that the emergency plan needs to address. This school despite your efforts does not get it--another issue to raise with the superintendent.
Your local public health nurse will do a hand washing demonstration for the whole school if asked and should support the need to ensure that the children wash their hands. Peanut allergy is certainly not the only reason for hand washing and most schools promote hand washing.
You are not a bad mommy but you certainly are the victim of bad school administration. Give up on the school and go up the chain of command or your frustrations will mount and Jesse will not get any safer.
Take care and stay in touch by email. I am happy to talk to you.

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