Does anyone have experience w/USAir?

Posted on: Thu, 06/15/2000 - 3:00am
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Has anyone recently travelled on USAir? In the past they have been good about taking peanuts off of flights, but I haven't recently travelled with them.


Posted on: Fri, 06/16/2000 - 8:22am
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I fly US air once or twice a month!!
And ALTHOUGH it takes the full run of events to call and make sure no peanuts, and DEFINITELY nothing is confirmed until you arrive at the gate and check in, and then when you walk on the plane....I have NEVER had resistance from them. They have always brought over sever crew members, and asked more about the allergy, they have asked what to do, they have informed me it is "best" to fly in the morning because the plane is completely cleaned through and residue is less likely. And also, they have ALWAYS been very courteous. I have also heard them educating others about the allergy (in a non-degrading way) when people have asked "where are the peanuts".
DO I sound like I work for them? I don't! But...After having almost a lwsuit on another airline, I am thankful for the thoroughness of US AIR. However....remember you have to do your part (which is a lot,,,,and check up on EVERYONE!)
GOOD LUCK and have a safe flight!!!

Posted on: Thu, 06/22/2000 - 11:17am
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We flew recently on MetroJet which is a USAIR affiliate and were very pleased. The reservations people were helpful and advised us to remind the check-in agent and again at the gate. The appropiate people had been notified and there were no peanuts on either flight, although on the return flight they did serve granola bars with the may-contain warning. I wasn't concerned because my son has multiple allergies and we would never give him those anyway.
A friend who is a flight attendent for USAIR told me that they normally don't serve peanuts on the morning flights unless someone specifically asks.
Have a safe trip!

Posted on: Sat, 07/01/2000 - 12:32pm
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I just booked a flight for our family on USAir and requested peanut free flights. The agent was very nice and even asked if my daughter was allergic to touch. She said that they won't serve peanuts on the flights but can't control if there is residue on the seats. I told her that I would take care of that and wipe the arm rests down (she'll be in her car seat). The woman then told me that when she flew last month that they were serving pretzels because there was a peanut shortage. I hope the shortage continues.

Posted on: Sun, 07/02/2000 - 7:43am
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More on US AIR....I just booked three more flights with them, and as usual, we have to do our job (by pestering every person in uniform he he he)...but they also suggested that morning flights, the plane is usually the cleanest,(if it isn't a continum from a red eye)....but they are always courteous and continue to give me some added hints.
(I've even met several captains....nice for a single gal...but could also be fun for the kids! )

Posted on: Thu, 07/06/2000 - 11:02am
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US Air did right by us. Flew Richmond, VA to
Arizona in May. Let them know 2 months ahead of time; stayed on hold 20 minutes while the customer svc rep made sure that all 4 flights were peanut free. 2 months later - they were! I even heard one of the stewardesses talking to another about there being someone who was peanut allergic aboard.
The rep did give me the standard "we can't control what passengers bring on their own". I had no problems at all; even the regular food appeared safe (although I didn't test it, I brought food).

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