Does anyone have a 504 that I can get a copy of?


My son recently had a 504 written for him by the 504 cooridinator. It all sounded good until I started researching them and realized there was much that needed to be added. I believe this is the first one written in our county for food allergies. He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, walnuts, eggs, and has asthma. If anyone could provide a copy or a link I would greatly appreciate it!

Also what happens when there is a violation? Who do you report it to?

On Oct 11, 2007

I rasied a thread for you mom of L&C, and if you have a constant 504 violation issue that tends to be ongoing, not attempted to correct, what have you, you can file a report with the Dept of Ed's Office of Civil Rights. Hopefully your school will give you the required due process information that should lay it out for you.

Good luck!