Docotrs, Dentists, and Pharmacists, Oh My! Venting a bit.

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 4:00pm
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I'm going to vent a bit, since I have a feeling y'all will understand. I have an 8yo who is anaphylactic to pnuts, shellfish, and food dyes/colors, and possible latex with other milder allergies.

I have just about had it with medical people. He has not had to have lots of meds, but is very sick right now. The doc said his med was safe (no dyes, etc) I talked to the pharmacist before the prescription was filled, reminded them of all his allergies (which are already in the computer) and he said "these meds are safe". I asked another person at the pharmacy before I paid for the prescriptions and again was told they were safe. Every time I talk to anyone I remind them of his allergies and how serious they are. I am very clear. We get home and one of these is colored. I call the pharmacy. Turns out both meds have dyes in them. So, maybe it's just the pharmacy and my ped? no

Two weeks ago he had a dental appt. I tell everyone I see about his allergies even though I called ahead. It's on his file. He wears a medic alert braclet. I show them his epis and other allergy meds which are in his pack strapped to his body. I put stickers on his shirt with bold print. I do not leave his side. I had to argue with the hygenist and assistant every step of the way. The dentist was better, but was obviously just trying to humor me.

Every where we go this happens. I talk and talk and even have PICTURES of him all swollen up from food dye.

I am really wondering what to do, I mean, what else can I possibly do? How do you make them get it? I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall.

Well, thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Posted on: Thu, 03/06/2003 - 11:28pm
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Hi Donna,
Unfortunately we get classified as overprotective crazy mothers and people roll their eyes at us. That seems to be part of the picture.
When we go to a professional or anyone who is going to "mess with" DS I use the word DIE very liberally. I use the word INSTANTLY too. I scare them. I try to not do this in front of DS but recently I told him he should know he will not DIE INSTANTLY if he is aware he is reacting and uses his epi pen and then calls 911.
I scare people, they react favorably. I al also gave DS permission to scare people if he thinks they are not taking his PA seriously enough.

Posted on: Fri, 03/07/2003 - 2:01am
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When you go to the pharmacy, ask for the prescribing information packet. This will have the ingredients on it for the medicine. Don't pay for the medicine until you have read this.
Also, you can go to [url=""][/url] and
there is ingredient information for lots of medicines.
Or you can go the manufacturer of the medicine's website and many have the prescribing packet information online.
Another thing you can do is find a pharmacy that does compounding. They put together the same medicines without the dyes.
Be careful with this because some compounding pharmacies used "peanut butter" as a flavor.
As a rule of thumb, I never get a medicine without the prescribing information so I can read the dyes made me itch intensely.

Posted on: Fri, 03/07/2003 - 6:27am
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I really feel for you, Donna. The food dye issue makes pa seem like a walk in the park. Hopefully you will be able to find some health care professionals whom you can really trust. {{{hugs}}} Miriam

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