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Do you think anaphylaxis is passed on you your children?

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Hi ladys and gents I have a really big question and a very important question OK so her goes I have a severe anaphylaxis allergy to cows milk protein I am 19 now an I still have it just as severe as when I was a baby I am never gong to grow out of it now I am not worried about the fact of me managing my allergy because I am doing just fine the way I am. My main question here is I am thinking about having a baby soon and I want to know if my allergy will be passed on to the new born? I have a feeling it will be might not be to the same thing and if so will it be as severe as mine. because I have accepted the fact I will be in and out of hospitals for the rest of my life which could be short or it could be long. But what I don't want to have to go through is having to watch my child have to go through all that pain and suffering I have and will

Also this goes out to all the peaople who go blah blah blah towards these sorts of allergies maybe if you should live with an allergy for you whole life. getting bullied through school because your different watching people eat food around you that has the nicest smells and just try reading every box, bottle, packet you buy or try being helpless laying on the ground thinking your going to die or come close to dieing because there are so many people out there that have life threatening allergies that are worse than mine my heart goes out to all those who suffer from allergies and when I say allergies i mean anaphylactic allergies I would never wish this upon anyone.