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Do you still eat peanut products or have them in your home?

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I don't but I just heard from my sister that one of her friends does. Her child has a peanut allergy and she still eats peanut butter! I think we should not eat peanut products or have them in our homes for the safety of our children, out of respect for our children, and as an example to friends and relatives. I told my sister to tell her about this website. If she were to log on, what would you want her to hear? Love from the Heartland

On Apr 12, 2002

We were not big peanut eaters anyway, so throwing out and not buying peanut products has been easy. This is a lifestyle that we are all in together! I do this mostly out of respect for my child but also peace of mind when we have babysitters..no chance of a mistake.

On Apr 12, 2002

I only threw everything away after spending some time on this site. I always cooked with lots of nuts in cookies, cakes, breads, and pesto! I was sort of using it up and not replacing things, until I realized how dangerous some things could be. It was more at a time when I thought about having babysitters in who would feed her. I did not want any unsafe choices in the house.

Generally, my dd does not want to try new foods and does not help herself to things because she is so picky, so it was easy for us to manage for a long time. Now I realize baking on the same pans, etc... was even risky. I just didn't know!

Gosh!! I think back to Christmas a year and a half ago. I made all kinds of cookies and *peanut brittle*! Ugh. I am sure I likely kept things together in a can for ourselves and just gave things that were nut free to our daughter(we did not know of her allergy yet).

Oh, I occasionally do eat a dessert or something(PB cup) if I am out without my daughter, but less and less.

Needless to say, we have been very lucky, and she does not seem nearly so sensitive as many children and adults here. becca

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On Apr 12, 2002

Here is another topic on eating/keeping peanut products in the home. The topic is:

Topic: Keeping Peanut Products in Home for Non-Allergic Family Members



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On Apr 12, 2002


When we first found out of course we had peanut butter in the cupboard. Then we placed it out of reach kind of hidden. I never ate it again because I felt funny about it, but husband would have it at night when son was sleeping. Then I joined this web-site and threw the same jar that was in the cupboard away. My husband doesn't miss it but I do. My favourite lunch was peanut butter and banana sandwiches with chicken noodle cup a soup...wierd but true

My fear now is that I'll get this allergy [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] wierd maybe but after eating it all my life then not I'm afraid when I do have the odd "oh henry" or baked good with peanuts, I'm going to have a reaction since I never eat it anymore.

Anyway, No we have not a product in our home that contains peanuts the only may contain is sorbet that we will eat when our son is in bed.

On Apr 12, 2002

Not on your life... our dd's first reaction was so serious that we couldn't bear the thought of it ever happening again. We wanted our house to be a zone of complete safety for her. I miss pn dreadfully, though... whenever I go to get myself or DH a candy bar or other treat, I pause and drool for a moment by the Butterfingers and Baby Ruths.. thinking I could just scarf it down in the car.... it would probably be fine.... until I snap back to my senses and remember how long and awful the ride to the ER feels. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img] Nothing- and I really do mean nothing- will ever be worth that.

On Apr 12, 2002

Our house is free from all peanut products, "may contains" and anything that is at all suspicious. It is the one place that we can relax about Tucker's safety, and he knows is safe.

I LOVE peanut butter, even though I know it is like anthrax to my son. So I snack on it at work, and always brush my teeth and wash hands before I come home. My husband works at home, so he must deprive himself of candy he loves because he has nowhere else to go eat it!

We would not have it any other way. We are in a state of high alert whenever we take Tucker anywhere else, so home is the only place where our blood pressures can return to normal.

On Apr 12, 2002

The peanut butter stayed until I found this site and realized what his reactions could have been like. ACK! DH gets his fix at work, I don't get a fix. I will have the occaisional tn on a dessert when we are out without ds, but seldom. Eggs went to, but not egg products. Now I just have to decide what to do about wheat, barley, and milk!

On Apr 12, 2002

I love peanuts and peanutbutter but I have none in my house and no nuts of any kind. I still have a few "may contains" and a few suspicious things of the NO Name/Presidents Choice ilk lurking about in my cupboards. But dd will definitley not get near them and since reading this site I am inspired to give /throw them away.

My dh kind of bugs me though. He's never been a big peanut eater (I've never seen him eat pb) but he is constantly bringing home bakery type things or candy - not with pn but definitely things that dd cannot have. DD has a real sweet tooth (usually asks for Smarties for breakfast - I think she thinks she can wear me down!) and can spot a "treat" at 30 feet! She always wants to have these goodies that her Dad has. While he doesn't flaunt them he can't hide them from her either. She doesn't get them but she's in a rather stubborn and contrary phase (2 1/2 years) and it just is a big headache. I also think it is cruel. She may have to deal with this in the big bad world but why should she at home?

I am still nursing (yes I'm her giant pacifier) so I never eat peanut stuff (now) but I really miss it. PB sandwiches with jam or banana, Pad Thai (not the same without peanuts) Someday I may get to eat these again but never around her ever. And maybe when the time comes I won't want to anymore.


On Apr 12, 2002

Sue - thanks for posting that link to the other thread. At this point, I can't even imagine keeping PB in the house, even though I was toying with the idea in that thread.

After my post in Sept. 2000, Cayley reacted to her Daddy kissing her on the cheek (blowing raspberry-style) 3 hours after he ate a bit of PB spread on a bagel at a brunch we were at. Since then, there's no question - we'll never have it in the house again. We had no idea she'd react to PB in such minute quantities.


On Apr 13, 2002

No we do not keep any peanut products in our home. After my daughter's first and only reaction, we threw our peanut butter jar away. It has been almost 4 years now since her reaction and I still cannot eat peanut butter. Just the thought of eating it reminds me of my daughter's reaction. Even when I pass it in the supermarket isle, I still can't believe that a food item can kill her.

On Apr 14, 2002

Our house is a nut free zone. It has to be , life is much simpler if i dont have to worry about the other children tip toe in to the kitchen and making a peanut butter snadwhich and leaving it spread all over the place. It took ages for me to explain to my husband why i felt this was important. But two things happened as we realised the steps it would take to keep william reaction free. The importance of avoiding "may contain" after finding out the hard way. Also the time that william's skin developed total "bubble wrap" after being cuddled by his dad who had eaten peanuts down the pub. He had washed his face and hands , but some dust must of clung to his clothes. Both painful expirence for william, and shameing , stressful times for us. For a long time we were totally egg free as well, as william reacted on his face as i fryed eggs. But once we found out that william had grown of this reaction ,I have let eggs back in the house. I have never let him touch them or eat them , off course! . The other children have become used to avoiding william while eating and washing hands before touching him. Hopefully we can relax on the egg front totally after his challange next month!!! I do have lentils and tinned chick peas in the house, but they are used for our meals and not the childrens. At the moment we are animal ( apart from small univited mammals!! ) free as well, as william is allergic to cat and dog dander. bye sarah

On Apr 14, 2002

Our house is free of all peanut and "may contain" products except when the kids bring them home in treat bags. My non-pa daughter eats her peanut and questionable treats under my supervision and mostly when her pa brother is at school. I keep these treats out of his reach (not that he would EVER mess with them in the first place, he is super about his allergy) but I feel better knowing they are in a safe place and I'm always happy when they're gone!

For us, a peanut-free home gives a place where we can totally relax and forget about his allergy! (Well, except for re-reading all those labels that I already read in the grocery store!) [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Apr 14, 2002

we are constantly changing the way we do things in terms of PA. for a long time we even kept a jar of peanut butter on a high shelf in the pantry. i was sure i couldn't live without it - for some dumb reason. finally one day it hit me how odd it was that i was keeping a jar of peanut butter when two of my four kids have a serious allergy to peanuts. i even ate it in front of my girls many times. i still can't believe it took me as long as it did (over a year) to realize that. but, i can understand how it happens since i've been their myself. just recently on a trip alone i "treated" myself to a reese's peanut butter cup which used to be a favorite of mine in the pre-PA years. i thought i would discover how much i had missed them but the funny thing is that i found them dry and very unappetizing. i was surprised but glad that my tastes have just changed with the need. we keep no peanuts or nuts or related products in our home (and that includes our two older non-PA kids). it hasn't been that difficult to eliminate them and it's so much easier for me to relax just knowing that our home is the one absolutely safe place we can all be and not have to be constantly on the look out for problems. all six of us have found that we didn't really like peanuts/nuts as much as we had thought. it's been really much easier to live without them than i ever thought it would be. Joey

On Apr 15, 2002

We had initially kept it so older son and DH could still have their fixes, but no matter how many times I bugged DH about not double dipping into the jam, and despite the fact that Kevin had his own clearly labelled jar of jam, accidents kept happening. We got rid of it all - no "may contains", no PB, etc. The only exception is if my older son gets a goody bag with evil stuff in it, he is allowed to keep it high up in a cabinet in a hermetically sealed bag. He must eat it outside the house, though.


On Apr 16, 2002

Nope. No peanuts, PB products of any kind in our house. Thankfully we are not peanut butter lovers, however, I know my two daughters like but they don't complain about not having it around. They know Grandma's close by and she'll take them to the store so they can buy Peanut M&M's, a Snickers, American KitKat or whatever to satisfy their cravings. Curiously though, this rarely happens. Usually they'll eat some other type of junk food.

On Apr 16, 2002

Since reading this board, I absolutely can't keep peanut products in my house. BUT for some reason I do keep tree nut products. I think everyone of my husband's 10 boxes of cereal (on a high shelf) have some nuts in it. I don't feel good about it. I'm not sure if I justify the nuts because I don't KNOW for sure yet if my daughter has a tree nut allergy as well. I wish I weren't so weak about eating nuts!

On Apr 17, 2002

Normally we do not....BUT today is an exception. I just weaned my younger son, so tonight after 9 months pregnant, and 11 months breastfeeding and no peanuts, I ate Reese peanut butter cups after the kids went to bed...they were so good.

Tomorrow I am back to no peanuts and nuts at home.

On Apr 17, 2002

hi, im kelly and im new here. Just wanted to say this is an interesting place to read. I have a peanut allergic preschooler, and do not keep actual peanuts, or peanut butter in my house. However, i will keep certain things with a may contain traces... warning on them, if they are individually wrapped. I keep them in a high cupboard, and are for my other son who is 15, to put in his school lunches. They never get opened inside my home

On Apr 21, 2002

The moment we found out that our son was pa everything that had peanuts was thrown out. He was 2 at the time and now is 7 and has not had a reaction since. My husband and I don't even eat it when we are alone on vacation. I almost feel like I would be betraying him by eating the one thing that can kill him! I miss it but will never eat it again!!

On Apr 22, 2002

You feel the same way I do. I could not betray my son either. I do not even know if my son knows that I have given up peanuts completely for him. He just knows I do not eat them around him. I would not want him to think for a second that he is a burden! I am glad you feel the same way I do. Another mom does not think they should give up peanuts for their pa children. They say the "experts" say they should not have to. The experts make me laugh. They are not the mother of my children. I am the only expert on my children! I want my children to know they are treasured, valued , and very very special! My inlaws did not give up peanut products for my pa BIL. He is 45 now. He has never been married, will never have children, and has a hard time thinking of anyone but himself. I would be that way too if my own family kept on eating what could kill me. Can you imagine what it was like for him? I wonder what the "experts" who do not have pa would say to him. You are doing the right thing. Keep up the good work! Love from the Heartland!

On Apr 22, 2002

All of the experts I've ever talked to, (including the psuedo-experts), said, "REMOVE ALL PEANUT PRODUCTS FROM THE HOME! So that's what we did --- and as the years go on and I realize how very easy it is for an 'accident' to happen--- also, how seriously sensitized PA child seem to get, who live around peanuts everyday --- I feel pretty good about going following this advice. (And I really don't miss peanuts at all --- in fact I'm thinner since the old peanut butter days.)

On Apr 22, 2002

No, absolutely not. No "may contains" or "made ins". Anything that Jesse can't eat, we can't eat and I feel okay about that stance.

For me, I just can't imagine eating something that could kill my child. I definitely know it's a comfort zone thing, but the thought just sickens me. My DH, on the other hand, if he is away from home at his Mother's in Toronto, will indulge in pb since he doesn't eat it at home.

I've never been a big peanut fan anyway, so it really hasn't altered my lifestyle all that much, and pb I've hated since I was 4.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Apr 24, 2002

I did ask ds last night if he knew I had given up peanut products at all times and not just when I was around him. He said he thought he knew that and smiled. I just can't stomach peanut products whether he is around or not. I imagine him swollen beyond recognition, struggling for air before losing consciousness and the fear in his eyes right before he passes out! Again it is such a no brainer!! I do what I do because I choose to do it but I am so glad that other mothers with pa kids never eat it. It is best for all the pa kids in the long run. Maybe those mothers have not seen their children almost die, but I don't want that to happen just to get them to change. I just want them to change on their own. Love from the Heartland!

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On Apr 24, 2002

It would be difficult for our family to give up all the food/drugs that people are allergic to in our family and extended family (including several who have had serious reactions (life threatening)...there are reactions to eggs, soy, nuts, milk, peanuts, shellfish, blueberries, antibiotics, avocados, sesame seeds, bees and I am sure I am forgetting some)...the list is too long....plus half the people can only have one type of antibiotic that the other half can't have, and vice versa. It's crazy.

We do not eat dangerous things around those who are effected, and we are very careful about that....(my son used to have violent reactions to soy protein (threw up for hours on end and had to get emergency services...when I first found him in his crib during his first reaction I was afraid to touch him because from what I saw in his crib, I did not know if he was going to be alive...but then he threw up again so I knew he was still with us), my mother reacts violently to shellfish, my husband's aunt is seriously allergic to nuts, my niece had a severe reaction to blueberries (she carries an epipen for them!), my younger son cannot consume dairy, my mother-in-law almost died twice from penicillin and sulfur drugs, my son is allergic to Zithromax and penecillin, my brother is allergic to hazelnuts, my brother-in-law is allergic to mangos, my mother had serious reaction to avacodos, my cousin went to emergency twice for serious peanut reactions and the list goes on. Interestingly, it is my son's allergies and my research into it that brought the family together and got people talking about the allergic tendencies of my family and my husband's family (since the history of reactions occured over a period of 30 years in 2 separate families, nobody noticed the allergic trend until recently...despite the fact there had been several hospital visits).

I wish I could just make it as simple as not eating nuts and peanuts, but our family life is very complex. We DO NOT keep nuts or peanuts at home. Just because I would eat nuts when I am out somewhere else does NOT mean I love my kids or my family any less than those who make different decisions. I also ate soy and eggs when I was not around my son (his history of reactions is more serious to soy than anything else). In our family we do not see it as "betrayal" if someone consumes something that is harmful to another. With the realization of our multiple food and drug alleries, our family has had to adapt in its own way. My son can ONLY use sulfur drugs, but they are life threatening for my mother-in-law...we understand that people are different and we do our best to keep everyone safe. My mother-in-law can only use erythomycin...to which my son has serious reactions. For a while I juggled the needs of a my soy/egg/peanut/nut allergic child with the needs of my other milk allergic child (that is very hard because the subs for dairy tend to be soy). We all drank a lot rice milk!

Please do not judge another parent for not making the same decisions as you. We are all working hard to do our best for our families. Recently, my son grew out of his soy allergy, and we are thrilled! For us, on a daily basis, the soy and egg allergies were much more difficult to deal with than peanuts and nuts. For others, this may not be the case.

Good luck and stay safe.


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On Apr 25, 2002


It doesn't make you a better Mother or Father if you give up Peanut/Tree-nuts because of your child.

When I go to my sisters yearly Volley-ball party, she makes these awesome peanutbutter and chocolate round things and I'm in heaven.

Some of the tone was a little hard on those who choose to still eat what your child is allergic to, but don't take it too seriously because sometimes the tone is because of a bad day, or bad experience that just happened.

Anyway, just wanted to say I agree with you and you basically said what I think to. I teach my son that just because he is allergic doesn't mean that everyone has to give up what they like to eat. I don't want him thinking the whole world is evil because they choose to eat peanut butter!

On Apr 25, 2002

Thanks Smack!

On Apr 26, 2002

Just wanted to second what Smack and San just said. Like San103 we have multiple allergies to deal with, and though we don't have those foods in our house, and do not eat them out with my allergic son, we do eat them at other places and times, and I have always emphasized that peanuts, nuts, and fish (and the people who eat them) are not bad; it's just that those foods are "bad" for him. There's a big difference too in the way that you handle food allergy in a toddler or preschooler and the way that you deal with it in an older child (like a teenager). It's all a matter of perspective but the bottom line is that you can't isolate your child and I don't want my son to feel that he is in any way handicapped because of his asthma and food allergies.

On May 9, 2002

I just remembered something...

When I was working for a pharmaceutical company, they launched a new nutritional bar -- it was a chocolate peanut crunch. I was sent a pallet load of them (this is a 4 foot X 4 foot X 4 foot square cube of them -- TONS!) to use as samples for my national accounts. They were kept in my garage (we were supposed to keep them in our house, but I had not place for them, and I did not want my son to get into them).

I have to admit, it was a little strange to be representing a peanut bar product to my national accounts, but it was part of my job. I actually knew 2 other who had pa kids, who were in the same situation as me.

I am no longer with that company, and interesting, the new bar failed, and they discountinued it (my heart was not in it's launch, so maybe I contributed to it???)


On May 11, 2002

No I don't have pn products or those that my contain pn products in my home. Just as I would not leave a loaded gun in my cabinets or on my kitchen table!

On May 13, 2002

I am sorry that this topic is encouraging people to justify that they eat peanut products. They say it is OK because they are doing it away from their peanut allergic children. I just hope that while you are away from your child eating peanuts that you are not eating them around my child. I still think that as long as you are eating them that you can not ask others to not eat them. That would make you a hypocrite. Being a hypocrite is putting peanut allergic children in danger. I am sorry that your children have so many allergies that you can not avoid them all. This is a peanut allergy website so all I am saying is about peanut allergies! The other allergies that are not life threatening are not the allergies I am addressing. If I had a child allergic to something non life threatening I would let my other kids eat them too! We should keep to the main issues which are peanut allergies, the fact that peanut allergies are life threatening and that we should use this website to discourage the use of peanuts and not to encourage it. Just because more than one of you justifies eating peanuts does not at all in any way shape or fashion make it right. If you do eat peanuts stay away from my child and do not admit it on this website. We are here to protect not to neglect. Love from the Heartland.

On May 13, 2002


Your comment literally made me sick to read. I'm off to take the kids to school but I can't wait to let you know what I think about what you just wrote.

On May 13, 2002

I think we can all learn from one another.

I also feel that it is unresonable to expect the rest of the world to give up peanuts. It is never going to happen. As long as they are not eating them while my child is around, they can eat whatever they want.

We do not have any peanut products in our home and do not eat them when our child is around. We don't eat them very often even if she is not around.

We still need to teach our children to rely on themselves to deal with their allergies. Mom and Dad will not be there forever. Peanuts will be. They need to know what to do if they encounter situations where peanuts are present.

Highlander, I find it interesting that you sign off with "love from". It doesn't sound like love that you are sending out.

We all have our own problems to deal with and there are other allergies that are just as "life-threatening" as peanut. These parents need support too.

On May 13, 2002


Your topic was "Do you still eat peanut products or have them in your home?" should have read:

"Do you still eat peanut products or have them in your home? Only those that say "No" need to reply.

I don't think this topic in any way shape or form justify's anyone's reason for choosing to continue to eat peanuts/peanut products. When I answer this question posted from you, I honestly answered(failed to realize then that you didn't want anyone to admit on this web-site that they actually ATE peanut/peanut products)

As if we parents would actually eat peanuts/peanut products in front of any child that we knew were allergic to them, including our own.

I do protect my son, Thank you very much! I can honestly say, He is not neglected, Thank you very much!

I do not tell anyone to stop eating peanut butter or peanut products, they just don't when in company of my son, what they do in their own homes is up to them.

Next time when you post a question be more specific that you want only answers that agree with YOURS!

On May 13, 2002

My fear is that if the people that don't get it think that if the people that do get it are eating peanuts that it is ok to do. I know the world will always have peanuts. I just want to make it the least as possible around the allergic ones. That is the only thing I want. Please don't tell the world it is ok for the families of pa kids to eat peanuts. You must be held to a higher standard. If you do eat peanuts do not advertise it! If you don't like me that is ok but please do not punish the kids with allergies because of it.

On May 13, 2002


After I read your above post I knew you were going to catch "it" coming and going.

Now so am I , because I agree with you.

Things we try to "say" here do seem to come out a little harsh at times because we cannot read facial expressions or see body language, which helps during a face to face conversation. So my point is..... I am NOT trying to be mean or rude..... I just agree with Heartlander.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On May 13, 2002

My fear is that the people who don't get it will look up to the people who do get it and take their cue from them.I know the world has peanuts but I want to make it as least as possible around the allergic ones. I still say if you eat peanuts do not advertise it on this website. If you do not like me that is OK but please do not punish the pa kids because of it. If my trying to protect the pa kids has put them in more danger I see now that I must not write anymore on the subject. I do love all the pa kids. I will try my best to forgive those that put peanuts in their path. Sorry if I make you sick I just want to prevent pa kids from getting sick. I will not say anymore!

On May 13, 2002

"I still say if you eat peanuts do not advertise it on this website."

Heartlander, Your question again was "Do you still eat peanut products or have them in your home"?

Some of us still eat them but outside of the home. God, my son doesn't know everything I do, and it's not like I go and brag to him that I ate something with peanuts in it when I was away. He just knows that I can because I'm not allergic to peanuts. I don't have them in my home because I want it safe in case someone had to take care of them in a emergency.

Most of the answers here clearly indicate we DO NOT have them in our home which I agree with you should be a given. I do not agree with you if you think parents and siblings and family should all give up eating them outside of the pa safe environment.

On May 13, 2002

As a PA parent, I take a dim view of "militancy" with regard to PA. It only makes people think we are, well, a bunch of nuts - and I, for one, would rather be associated with reasonable accomodations and PA education. I'd rather teach my children coping and avoidance skills, than teach them that they should expect the world to cater to their needs.

Because the world will not ever cater to their needs - ever. Get over it and move on. You cannot ever hope that even 1% of the non-allergic population would stop eating peanuts, just because they [i]may, someday, possibly[/i] encounter a child with PA. Sheesh. We can only hope for a PA vaccine. I would think the adults with PA who post here are probably giving this thread a wide berth due to its ludicrous descent into wackiness. A bit much, expecting people [i]without[/i] PA to not consume peanuts, n'est pas?


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On May 13, 2002

I do eat peanuts on occasion when I know my PA son will be away for a day or two on a visit to the grandparents. And I do try to find out if I am around anyone who doesn't need to be exposed to it. A few weeks ago, at my daughter's softball practice I was drinking a Coke with peanuts in it (It's a southern thing!!). I asked around to all the parents and kids if anyone was PA. They all said no, so I indulged. I found out later that one of the girls who had missed that day is peanut allergic and you can rest assured I will never take any peanuts back to the field. As the coach, I have asked all the parents to respect her and provide peanut-free snacks for after practice. But even as I was giving in to this temptation, I didn

On May 13, 2002

I continue to be amazed at how there can be any controversy here. Clearly it's not a good idea to have foods with PB in a house with PA children, and clearly we who are not PA have a right to eat whatever we want in other environments. Wouldn't I look crazy standing outside Legal Seafoods protesting the consumption of shellfish and cod just because my son is highly allergic?

On May 13, 2002

I think anytime someone is told they shouldn't post an opinion just because it differs from what appears to be the majority the result will be controversy.

------------------ Little Man's Momma

On May 13, 2002

Whoops, double post

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On May 13, 2002

To those of you who do not eat peanut at all because of your children's allergies...that's fine with me.

I do eat them (when I am away from him, particularly if I am out of town for trip). I feel I do act as an example for those around me, I show them I do not eat peanuts around my son...which is what I HOPE to get from them. I am so fortunate because with VERY limited exceptions my friends and family are excellent at not eating peanut products around my son. Most parents also are great at washing up their kids if they consumed products just before seeing my son. I am so lucky to have such thoughtful and caring friends and family. I certainly do not ask them to not eat peanuts, nuts, or anything else that my son is allergic too.

Also, some of my son's other allergies are life threatening...he is more allergic to nuts than peanuts. I also think it should be okay to talk about multiple allergies here.

I am sorry Heartlander if you feel so threatened by viewpoints other than your own. However, this site is designed to share information, and I think we should all feel free to express wherever we are...and if our views differ, so be it. Also Heartlander, please rest assured that I would never knowingly eat peanuts around your child, or any other pa child.

I agree with the poster (sorry, I can't remember your username) who said that she is concerned about the militant side of peanut allergies. If we were all so militant about all the life threatening allergies there are, then the world would be quite restrictive. We have 5 children on our street with pa, and all of us get along great. Our comfort zones differ slightly, but they are all close enough

Today I laugh that I worked for a company that sold peanut products. I do not think peanuts are evil, but they are dangerous to my son. Just like I do not think my car is evil, and my son has a better chance of being killed in it than by peanuts (for the stats on this, have a look at the thread titled "some perspective").

I love my son, and believe me, he is not neglected. I think he is growing up with a good understanding of his allergy, and the world around him. He knows what Daddy can eat, what Mommy can eat, what his brother can and can't eat. I am so comfortable with his understanding that people, and what they can eat, differ.

In another post, I talked a lot about the many allergies in our family. My neice ended up in the emergency room twice (they did not figure out the culprit the first time) for a severe reaction to blueberries! I won't eat blueberries around her either.

Smack, I enjoy your perspective...thanks for sharing. Heartlander, I appreciate your perspective too...please don't condemn because I fail to agree with it.


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On May 24, 2002

Last night I went out for dinner with 8 Moms from my neighborhood....AMAZINGLY, 4 of us have pa kids (and they all live on my street). These are not women I see often, so I often question them about pa. All their kids are older (range from 5 - 12 years) so they have been through a lot more than me.

Three of us talked about whether we had peanut products in our homes. Both women with a 5 year old, and the 11 year old do keep peanut products in their home, and their other children eat peanut butter. The 11 year old is anaphylactic, but he has never had a exposure at home. The other woman son's had a severe reaction (before they knew he was allergic), but it was not life threatening and he has not had an exposure since he was 3. I did not get to talk to one of the pa Moms.

I love talking to these women. They are so beyond where I am. Their kids are older, and they have been through the school thing, and lots of other stuff. They are MUCH less obsessed about the allergy than I am. They just seem to deal with it. Their kids do everything other kids do, and they do not let it define their child.

I am so fortunate to have some many around me who understand the allergy. We all found we had different comfort zones, but getting some perspective is good. It is always encouraging to talk to these other Moms.


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On May 24, 2002

I knew this thread would have problems right from the initial post. It was a loaded question to begin with. I figured that either no one who does eat peanuts would admit it, or if they did - they would be slammed. This is exactly what happened. Heartlander: if you didn't want honest answers then you shouldn't have asked the question in the first place.

My home is peanut and tree nut free. We want everything in our house to be safe for Leah. I had no problem totally giving up peanuts and nuts while pregnant and breastfeeding my second child, but after he weaned I discovered that I really wanted to eat some peanut M & Ms. I finally indulged in my craving one day, when Leah was playing at a friend's, and I was out with just the baby. I felt guilty as could be, because, as some people mentioned, I thought it was horrible that I would eat something that would be so harmful for my daughter. Over time I have come to realize that peanuts are not evil, and people who eat peanuts are not evil. Peanuts make my daughter very sick, so she needs to stay totally away from them. I would not eat them in front of her because I don't think it is nice to eat something that someone else is allergic to right in front of them.

Also, I don't like the idea that we must only talk about peanut allergies on this web site. San 103 was making an excellent point about people having serious allergies to many different food items. I think her post was entirely relevant and appropriate for this discussion.

We all love our children or we wouldn't even bother to find a web site such as this at all. I have found that I have a lot less anxiety about the whole PA thing than I used to. I don't want my daughter to think that peanuts are evil - just that she can't eat them. When she was younger I would edit out references to peanut butter in stories I read her and songs I sang to her. Now I am reading her the first Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle book and there are a number of references to children eating peanut butter. I read it just the way it's written. Yes, I feel uncomfortable - but I think it's in Leah's best interest to be a little more matter of fact about the whole thing.

Occasionally we've been in situations where my husband chooses not to eat something out of the house that Leah is allergic to. Leah has said "but you can eat it Daddy, you're not allergic". My husband has always responded that our family does not eat nuts. I still think this is appropriate when we are out together. But, I think Leah has it right, too: non-allergic people can eat peanuts as long as they are safe about it.

This PA thing can be very stressful and overwhelming at times. My suggestion is to take some deep breaths and try to appreciate the joys in our lives; and know that each and every one of us is doing our best to raise our children in the way that we think is best.

On May 24, 2002

I just looked at my posts in the previous thread regarding this topic. (Thanks to Sue for posting the link!) I see that I have mellowed out quite a bit in the last year and a half, just as I suspected!

On May 24, 2002

Cal'mom, so funny you mentioned the story reading. My dd is really fond of the Disney show PB&J Otter(Peanut, Butter, and Jelly Otter). I cringe at their names, but do not let her know. I utilize it as an opportunity to discuss that, "we don't eat peanuts!" My dd is only 2, and if I can drill that into her head, i will take any opener I can get. We do not keep PN/TN ingredients in the house, but we additionally have a safe box for her, where we know for sure it is stuff okay for her(brands, etc...). There is stuff in our house I am not sure of, since she is so picky she would not try or want it(spaghetti sauce brands I have not called on, eggs on occasion(allergic to those too)). I agree the food is not bad, just the allergy is! That is what we are teaching her. Thank you for your post. becca

By tictime2121 on Aug 2, 2015

My daughter has had a peanut/treenut allergy since age 2 1/2/ She will be 12 this month. So this is my thinking I eat peanut butter and sometimes keep it in the house....sad but true the world doesn't revolve around having an allergy. I think you need to treat them as normal as possible and live your life like that. Educate and teach..but to shelter them from something that they will come in contact with...not the way to go.

This of course does not pretain to airborne allergies.

By Momobubble on Aug 11, 2015

I'm 18yrs old and still live with my parents. None of my family bring in peanut products into our house but they do cook/eat foods that may contain nuts/peanuts, including cashew nuts occasionally. It's very stressful for me to make sure that they don't possibly contaminate my food and be careful about touching their possible nutty foods and then mine.

Personally, as a child that grew up in a home with parents and a sibling (well, my whole family!) that don't have any food allergy it's a safer and more trustworthy environment when you are 100% sure that there is nothing nutty hiding in a cupboard. My parents were a little too relaxed about my allergy and now that I'm older I've taken it into my own hands and am the one nagging them to be careful. There has been too many close calls and arguments over the years when my parents have served me food that has a big label on it saying "may contain/made in a factory that handles peanuts/nuts".

By Sidume on Aug 12, 2015

Maybe my reaction to nuts isn't as severe or an immunity as built up, but I still have PB and other tree nut products in the house. As an adult with PA, I haven't had a reaction in several years and I am very careful about what I eat, but I have never had problem with other people having something prepared with nuts, pan contamination, etc. I'm not going to tempt fate by visiting a steakhouse with peanuts on the floor or something stupid like that, but I've never been so sensitive that having it in the same room would make me react.

If your Dr. says ditch everything - fine. But if your Dr. thinks that is overreacting, listen.