Do you need a prescription for epipen


Hi Everyone Just wanting to ask a quick question. I'm coming to Hawaii from Australia later in the year. I always carry two epipens on the plane (have to fight to get the second one as we are only issued one at a time here). Last year when we went I had only just had a new script for my new epipen 6 weeks before I went to get another, so I had two to take away with me and the drama, "one was only issued 6 weeks ago, so my doctor said, yes and she had to use it that is why she needs another" So I was wondering if in America(Hawaii incase it is different from state to state) epipens are available without a prescription and if they are expensive to just buy over the counter at the pharmacy (here with no prescription they are quite expensive $180+ each). I was thinking I would get a couple of extra ones to have when I travel on planes and I usually only carry the one or two with me on 12+ hr flights.

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On Jul 16, 2007

A prescription is required here in the US. I am sure Hawaii is the same but maybe someone from there can speak up about that.

As far as price-I don't remember for sure (insurance has covered them for the past 3 yrs but not anymore so our next ones will be OOP) but I think it was around $55 for the singles and maybe $75 or so for the twinpack.

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On Jul 16, 2007

I have insurance that pays a pittance for meds. I pay about $90 for the duo epi-pens. My guess is that the full price is well over $100.

On Jul 16, 2007

A prescription is required in the US, but I think you can buy epipens/twinjects without a prescription in Canada. I don't know how much they cost, but somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 for two sounds right. You may want to look into Twinject. More epinephrine for your $$!


On Jul 16, 2007

I pay just about $100 each for DD's epi's. No prescription. Even when we had a precription, it wasn't much difference in price, maybe $10 less. We are in Ontario, Canada. The Twinject was about the same price, when I looked into them, they are 2 shots, but DD didn't care for the taking-apart aspect.

On Jul 16, 2007

Thanks everyone.

We usually travel to the US every year for a holiday and just had a thought that I could get a couple of extras whilst there if they were a little cheaper than here in Australia.

I have never heard of the twin ones before, I don't think that we can get those here in Australia. We can get epipens here with a prescription or without, it just alters the price, if you have a prescription they are under 1/3 cheaper, but they are a government authorised prescription so they will not issue more than one at a time. For travel, particularly on long flights I like to have more than one epipen. We are off to Hawaii in two months (can't wait)so will have to start thinking about my epipens for travel now.

Thanks for all the replies Moni


On Jul 17, 2007

Moni, I did some searching and can't find any information about twinject in Australia -- however, the sites I found had not been recently updated. You could ask at a pharmacy.