Do you have other immune disorders in your family?

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I was just curious about this since my 30 year old cousin was recently diagnosed with MS which is considered an immune disorder. We have plenty of allergies on both sides (food and environmental), I have a brother was very serious colitis, my mother has mild arthritis starting in her late 50's. Does your family also have a variety of immune disorders that manifest themselves in a variety of ways?

On Jun 8, 2001

ms isnt hereditary.

On Jun 8, 2001

...but there are studies showing a tendency towards running in families. (and studies showing otherwise) My mom was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago. (She passed away from lymphoma - another immune problem last year.) Other than that it's basically just the typical eczema, allergies, asthma route for us.

On Jun 8, 2001

no one in my family except me and my sister have any allergies except my mom suffers from hay fever. Me and my sisters only allergies are peanuts. We outgrew everything else pretty fast. MY sister did have eczema but outgrew it.

On Jun 8, 2001

I have fibromyalgia, I have a brother with multiple sclerosis. I know of another PA child who has Chrones (sp?) disease in the family.

On Jun 8, 2001

I wasn't saying that MS is hereditary but I have also heard that it can run in families. I do think that immune problems do tend to run in families.

On Jun 8, 2001

My mother has MS and is also allergic to shellfish. My brother has a fish allergy. I have hayfever and my son is peanut and egg allergic.

On Jun 9, 2001

My sister had her first MS symptom in her early 20's and was diagnosed with MS in her mid 30's. I have mild seasonal allergies, a nickel allergy, and am allergic to Neosporin (a topical OTC antibiotic ointment). My husband has moderate seasonal allergies. My father has seasonal allergies and is allergic to penicillin. My husband's mother had terrible eczema as a child and my mother did also. My husband's aunt has a tree nut allergy and her grandson has a tree nut and peanut allergy. My brother's daughter is allergic to penicillin and my two of my (MS) sister's son's have asthma. Oh yeah, my (MS) sister was diagnosed with asthma as a child, too.

I guess it's in the family for us.

On Jun 9, 2001

Cayley's grandmother (my MIL) has myasthenia gravis (MG), which is an autoimmune disorder that causes muscle weakness. Like MS, it is not directly inherited, but more than one family member can become afflicted. I believe my MIL's MG is in remission at the moment, and she takes medication to control it when it flares up.

Cayley's dad has iritis, also known as uveitis, which affects the eye. Not much research has been done into the disease (unfortunately!!), but it is suspected to be an autoimmune disorder possibly triggered by an allergic reaction. It is a chronic (and painful) disorder that may eventually lead to cataracts or glaucoma.

Type II Diabetes also affects my DH's family, but from what I've read, only Type I Diabetes is considered an autoimmune disorder.

On Jun 9, 2001

Funny, I never thought much about the connection here. Food allergies run on my DH's side of the family (none in my family, that we know of) but my mother has lupus and I have endometriosis (both autoimmune disorders). I suppose DS never had a chance! [img][/img]


On Jun 10, 2001

I had some strange problems during both of my pregnancies which lead to further testing after I had my second baby. The lupus test came back negative but one of the tests for an autoimmune disorder came back positive. That was about 2 years ago and I still haven't followed up to find out what's going on. It seems I don't have any problems or symptoms unless I'm pregnant. We moved recently and I just picked a new doctor last week so I'm hoping to get an appointment next month.

Also, both of my grandmothers had/have diabetes (one has passed away). I don't know if it's type I or II.

On Jun 11, 2001

Ecxema, asthma, vasculitis, endometriosis, gout, Grave's Disease, food & environmental allergies...yep, unfortunately my family has the auto-immune spectrum covered.

On Jun 11, 2001

Hayfever is the biggest thing in my family. My dad,brother,me,Jennifer,sister,nephew,uncles,my husband,his whole family all seem to sneeze this time of year. In fact now that my lilacs are out of bloom I am getting back my voice and can breathe again. My family seems to be very healthy other than that kind of thing. I do worry about Cancer a bit because my grandmother had a masectomy,my aunt died of pancreatic cancer, my uncle died of throat cancer,and my grandfather had cancer. I do worry about the littlest bump. Take care claire

On Jan 22, 2004

reraising to compliment some threads. I'm in a "reraising" sort of mood. [img][/img]

On Mar 16, 2006

reraising to compliment another thread.

On Mar 17, 2006

eczema, asthma, hayfever--on 3 out of 4 sides of the family. Crohn's disease (one grandfather). one aunt has diabetes (acquired as an adult). one sister has chronic fatigue (but this was after an illness....and she is getting better). another sister seems to get every cold that goes around. during the flu season it seems like she is sick 1/2 of the time. i'm wondering if she has an autoimmune deficiency or something.

On Mar 17, 2006

I'll chime in as I always do--anyone who has multiple autoimmune disorders (or a history in their family of MS, colitis, lupus, lymphoma, etc) absolutely needs to be screened for celiac disease.


On Mar 17, 2006

Is it safe to say that EVERY family, if dug into FAR enough, has SOME type of 'disease'?

Read into it, what you will.


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