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Do you ever worry about long-term effects of Zyrtec?

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So many kids are taking Zyrtec for allergies and I feel like my kids live on it year round. It's supposed to be safe but does anyone know how long it's been out and if there are any long-term effects? Ever since that Elidel warning came out I am so suspicious...

On Feb 8, 2006

I know what you mean -- we just started it however I really do not like the idea of having my child on a medicine all the time. It has only been 5 days and though there has been some improvement in his excema i do not like the behavior changes we have seen. Plus is there any way there could have been trials for the degree we are using the medicine? Like everday for numerous years? I have no idea!

On Feb 8, 2006

We have been using Zyrtec daily since ds was 18 months old, he's now 5. I believe that because of the Zyrtec, his asthma is not as severe. I also believe that the potential side effects from long term use are not as bad as the constant infected eczema and respiratory infections we had before beginning Zyrtec. I also would think that much like the Elidel, something would have been noticed by now. I worry more about the Singulair I have him on now since going to school made him so sick, we have to keep him on it for the winter to allow his lungs time to heal. But the Zyrtec does not worry me at all, I rate that up there with Claritin and other daily allergy meds which lots of people have taken for years and years and been fine.

On Feb 8, 2006

I'm very conservative about medication, VERY conservative.

But, I can say that antihistimes are NOT something I worry about.

I had severe allergies at a child, and I've taken antihistimes (all kinds) since I was about 8 or 9, now I'm 36. I'm healthy and doing great.

I realize Zyrtec is a newer drug, but it is just a spin-off of drugs that have been around for a long time.

Elidel and Protopic were totally different. They were new drugs that were totally new.

I think the benefits of Zyrtec are worth it.

Edited to Add: I worry more about the long-term damage from not using Zyrtec. Permanent skin damage, airway remodeling (permanent lung damage), more contact reactions from food allergies, and growing up feeling bad all the time.

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On Feb 8, 2006

Ditto. (What LuvMyKids said)

I also know that the chemical mechanism of the various antihistamines is well understood, so there are not likely to be surprises there. (Unlike Elidel, which when it was launched, still had an unknown mechanism of action...)

On Feb 8, 2006

i am also very conservative with meds and feel comfortable with daily antihistamine use. elidel is a completely different story. when the dr. first prescribed elidel for my, then 1 year old--she's now 3, my husband looked at what the drug did and was immediately worried. elidel suppresses the immune system (which is why cancer can starts popping up), all in the name of clearing up a skin problem. now, don't get me wrong, eczema can be very painful for people. but to suppress the body's immune system to clear up the skin is like "using a nuclear bomb to take out a single terrorist" to quote a dermatologist (who was obviously against using elidel).

i think it's very important to be cautious with all of these meds and our children. especially because most of them will be on some sort of drug long-term. and i think it's always important to not only question the doctors and the pharmacists, but to educate ourselves as well. just my 2 cents.

On Feb 8, 2006

caryn-how large of a dose do you give? Maybe it's a little much. My DS's doctor said a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half, according to how much he needs. Maybe you can cut it down a little to see if his behavior changes.

Just a suggestion.


On Feb 9, 2006

we have been giving a 1/2 tsp in the am and a 1/2 tsp in the pm -- he is 5 1/2 and weighs just about 40 pounds. We are going to the pediatrician today -- the allergist suggested maybe he developed a bacterial infection through the excema and wanted to put him on Keflex an antibiotic -- however my husband was just diagnosed with a severe systemic fungal infection that was first diagnosed as psoriasis -- so we are checking with the pediatrician to see if our sons excema might really be a fungal infection?????

thanks for all teh thoughts on the safety of meds -- it really helps to hear others say they feel they are safe long term.

On Feb 9, 2006

My son is on Zyrtec during the summer months. We halved the dosage - sorry I don't remember the numbers - from the original script our doctor gave us because he wasn't acting right. And then he was fine - we also made sure to give him that one in the evening - let him sleep it off for the first 10 or so hours.

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