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Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 11:26am
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Joined: 05/27/2002 - 09:00

Two on his epibelt. Two at home.

Posted on: Sat, 02/21/2004 - 4:27am
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Trevor age 2 -PA
Harmony age 1 -KNA
It's a BOY!!! due June 24, 2004

Posted on: Sat, 02/21/2004 - 4:52am
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hmm.. I only carry one epi-pen with me at all times.. although after reading your postings, it is probably a good idea to carry two..
although carrying one is enough work as it is... but 2 is a good idea in case there is a problem with the first one (ie: misfire, etc)

Posted on: Sat, 02/21/2004 - 7:43am
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We always have 2 epipens with us!

Posted on: Sat, 02/21/2004 - 12:14pm
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We carry multiple epipens.
We also make a conscious effort to be within one epipen of ALS EMS ambulance service. We have purposely purchased homes located in ALS EMS ambulance service and [i]within minutes of the hospital such frequents[/i]. (We also considered this since my elderly parents lived with us.) I have seen very expensive homes in both ALS and BLS EMS systems. I have seen very inexpensive homes in both ALS and BLS EMS systems.
When we travel far from home and in unfamiliar situations, vacationing, for example, we travel with our travel trailer and bring our own food. (A [i]HOOT[/i], I TELL YA. A [i]holler[/i], even, as well. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/tongue.gif[/img])
Knowing what we know, and seeing what we have seen, and doing what we do, we avoid risky situations (especially [i]unnecessarily[/i] risky situations), (WRT PA/NUTS [i]and more[/i], and try to substitute with appropriate activities given any limitations we see (WRT PA/NUTS [i]and more[/i]).
Not that this guarantees safety (WRT PA/NUTS [i]and more[/i], but we find it necessary in our *highly individual, unique, and personal situation*. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]
Disclaimer: I am not offering advice in any manner or form.
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Posted on: Sat, 02/21/2004 - 2:22pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

Two for each PA child (so four total). I like the backpack idea when they get older!
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Posted on: Sat, 02/21/2004 - 4:04pm
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We always carry a minimum of two, with a backup that is kept in the house, one that we take in the van and two backups at school. We carry 4 when we travel.

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 12:28am
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MB, I conduct our travel similarly, and we happened to live 5 mins(maybe 7) from our hospital. We did not have kids, but now I wouldn't move unless we were close to a hospital.
We literally pack a grocery bag full for the weekend when we visit Grandma or go on vacation, and always book a place with some sort of cooking facility and fridge. Though we do now allow some food at McDonald's and a couple of local places we checked out. becca

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 1:57am
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I carry two, and have two more at home. DS carries two and has four more in his dorm room.
DS knows that if and when he ever travels he will always find out how to access the EMS where he is. DS being the Renaissance man he is, I doubt he'll stray far from home anyway although a semester in England (with all of that lovely labelling) is beginning to look good to him.

Posted on: Sun, 02/22/2004 - 4:09am
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We only carry one. I'm kinda of amazed that everyone has access to so many epi-pens. My allergist only originally prescribed two and I had to beg for a third. We keep one at daycare, one in our ds's backpack and one at home.


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