Do you call on everything?


I am a little new to PA & TA. My question is do you call about everything? Or do you call about things that are suspect? Someone posted about cheese. I would never think to check on that. So, if nothing is mentioned on a label do you assume it is a negligent omission or assume it is a conscientious company with no nuts, contact, shared equip, etc. Appreciate the help. Thanks

On Sep 27, 2007

I am one of the stricter ones of people I know but on this board I think I am somewhere in the middle because a lot of people dont buy things that are made on shared lines that are sanitized. my son is ok with sanitized things. i called in the beginning of diagnosis and now im familiar with companies and have the ones that i trust. i do call on some new things or if im not familiar with a companies manufacturing practices.

On Sep 27, 2007

I call on very few things-

It seems overboard to call on obvious things like milk, cheese, yogurts, etc and most popular brands have very good labeling.

My dd is pn/tn and sesame and I would say most things are a judgement call.

I never feed her anyhting that has a warning of "may contain traces" or "made on the same line"

But I would giver her pretzels that say 'PB is uded in the facility because it is not on the same lines and I think it is very unlikely to cross-contaminate.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I have been feeding her for 5 years without incident (knock wood)

On Sep 27, 2007

I'm one of the most paranoid people on here. I call on everything.

On Sep 28, 2007

a boy in my sons class is permitted to eat those pretzels with the peanut butter warning. i dont let my son eat them. the teacher actually sent them home with a note that they arent allowed

On Sep 28, 2007


Originally posted by Gwen 5: [b]I call on very few things-

It seems overboard to call on obvious things like milk, cheese, yogurts, etc and most popular brands have very good labeling.


I handle things exactly like the above. My son has PA only and is 10 years old. We have been dealing with this allergy for 8 years.



On Sep 28, 2007

ditto to kelly and gwen2. my son is 10, we've been dealing with this for him for 9 1/2 years. it is important to remember, one day they will be doing this on their own, and to explain to them your rationale so they can learn.

------------------ Amy (mom of 2) Son PA/TNA Daughter PA/TNA

On Sep 28, 2007

I know I'm in the minority on here..I never call - I trust the labelling. I never give her may contains or shared facility or anything like that. If it mentions one of her allergens it's out. I generally buy brands I know - I don't trust brands from non-grocery stores, etc, but I do buy no name. I'm in Canada (don't know if that makes a difference).

We've never had an issue, so we're completely comfortable doing this this way!

On Sep 28, 2007

I call when I give a product my son has never tried before if it was from a company that I don't know much about.

If it's certain companies I trust (General Mills, Betty Crocker, Sargento, etc.) then I don't call.

On Sep 28, 2007

I am that way too now. I use to call on everything but now i have companies that I trust and I only call when its questionable or new to me.

On Sep 28, 2007

Will one of you come be my mommy? lol. I have no one helping me out with this allergy at all. I seriously feel I'll starve myself. I'm so scared to try ANYTHING. Heck, I'm afraid to walk PAST the Reeses PB stuff at Walmart...and that's hard with Halloween coming up.

Can someone email me.. [email][/email]

On Sep 29, 2007

I handle it like Gwen 5. My son is turning 6 and we've been doing this for 5 years.

I'm glad to see others who handle it like me.