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Posted on: Wed, 01/21/2004 - 8:03pm
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I sure do believe in prayer. I am a church school teacher at our Catholic church and love every single minute of it.
I have had moments when Chris was in the hospital and the priest came to visit him. I think it made things feel better for us. I don't know how to describe my feelings of how it made me feel but it seems as though he showed up when i was most needing him.
I teach my kids to pray for others in need all the time.
So yes the answer is I do believe in the power of prayer!! take care claire

Posted on: Thu, 01/22/2004 - 12:45am
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I have to share this story. Three weeks ago my non-PA dd hurt her arm at school. She fell on her hand, hyper-extended her elbow. We were sent home - told no breaks were seen. A week later, with the arm getting worse, we were in the Orthepedics office. He sat us down, told us she chipped a piece of bone off and it was lodged in the elbow - reducing mobility. He said he would have to go in, break it off, and place it in the correct place the next day.
Now, I know this is a tad selfish, but we are going snow skiing Feb. 20th, and this is a big deal to the kids. Beside the fact I have never had a child have surgery, her skiing would be out.
Anyway, before he could schedule the surgery we needed a CT Scan to exactly pin-point the placement of the bone. We sat in the hospital 2 hours waiting for the scan. I prayed the entire time and called others to let them know what was going on. When the Scan was complete the Dr. came to meet me with a confused look. He said, "Well, I was wrong, I guess. The bone fragment is exactly where it is supposed to be." No surgery, nothing! Our check-ups have been perfect - healing perfect!
I'm sorry, that is no "placebos" - that is a higher power!

Posted on: Thu, 01/22/2004 - 1:59am
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I'll have to share a story also...DH's knife closed up in his hand while he was working, when the Dr at the ER looked at it, he had 2 intern's with him and was showing them how the tendon was cut in two. DH could not move his thumb whatsoever. The Dr explained to us that he couldn't repair it, he would need to see a hand surgeon and surgery would be the only way he would be capable of using his thumb again.
I had just went through a hand/wrist surgery to repair the broken bones in my wrist and it was very costly, we knew we didn't have the funds to see a surgeon at that point. He prayed right there on the ER bed and immediately was able to move his thumb, he never went to see a surgeon nor has had any problems to date.
That was simply God's miracle and healing power.

Posted on: Sun, 01/25/2004 - 10:34am
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I definitely do!! I feel so blessed with the life I have. I always Thank God for the life He has given me and my family and realize there could be worse things to worry about then my son with a PA.
God Bless Everyone!!

Posted on: Sun, 01/25/2004 - 11:58am
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we are Orthodox, and yes we do believe.
My DML came back from Cuba 2 years ago with and absess on her liver the size of a baseball maybe bigger. (Bacterial infection, from food or pestasides used). We were told she would not make it from day to day she got worse, until her heart gave out too, right in front of me and my DFL. He ends up in ICU for his heart and her in ICU for her liver and heart. DFL pulls out okay, not knowing DML will die in a few hours. We prayed and lit candles in church and waited until it happened. It NEVER did. Instead of diing she pulled through and came back to herself. The many specialist who took care of her for those 2 weeks are to this day very puzzled about her sudden change , it is a medical mirical that she lived we have been told hundreds of times. She even told us she saw a white light and her decesed father.
We definately BELIEVE!!!
ssmd mom of 3

Posted on: Mon, 01/26/2004 - 1:19am
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Posted on: Mon, 01/26/2004 - 3:41am
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I do believe in prayer-
It makes it a bit easier when bad things happen.



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