Do you ask others not to eat PB before playdate?

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 12:47am
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We are going out of town and seeing good friends to allow the kids to play for the first time since my DD's allergies have been diagnosed. The mom and me are communicating by email to setup a beach or minigolf playdate. I asked her in the email to please not eat PB/nuts or bring any with you due to DD's allergies and the fact she can react to even traces. Have any of you done this before playdates? I'm just wondering if I'm going "overboard"- but I know my DD likes to give hugs and I know they will probably be sharing toys (and I also know the family loves PB!) What do you think?

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Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 1:24am
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Yes, I have and it has become habit for DS's friends and parents to do this.
Also, I ask babysitters to refrain from eating nuts the day they are coming.

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 1:53am
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Play dates? Just wait until they are teenagers!
As Shane is 13, I have asked his real dates!! Jr. High homecoming and spring fling dances. I have mentioned to his "dates" not to eat anything peanut that day as he can react to traces.
Have a blessed day,

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 1:58am
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The only people I have asked this of is my parents since they are affectionate grandparents and I know will be hugging and kissing on their grandbabies!
I have never asked someone on a playdate not to eat nuts that day, only not to bring or eat nut products around us. When a friend comes to our house, we always wash hands first thing.
Not that I wouldn't love if no one around dd ever ate nut products but it just seemed like alot for *me* to ask considering the amount of people dd is around in school or at birthday parties etc...
I do and have always stressed to dd to never drink after anyone, share lipgloss, drink out of public water fountains (general hygiene things) and we did have one very kissy huggy friend who I had to have a gentle talk with about spreading germs/peanut protein [img][/img]
With teenage years quickly approaching, my next BIG concern is boys!!!
ETA: I just reread your situation and in that case I would have NO problem asking my friends to refrain from pb that day and I'm sure your friends will totally understand [img][/img]
We have great friends who have told us they won't eat pb before a visit with us and we hadn't even asked [img][/img]
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Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 2:28am
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Personally, I would never ask someone to change their habits in their own home. But when we have playdates and stuff...I usually hand out hand wipes(or if they come to my house, we all wash hands so we can have a yummy safe snack!!)....I do it sneakily I guess.
You could never control ALL the people your child will come into contact with in this best to treat each situation as needed when it is happening. If friends come over, all wash hands(even sneak in a quite mouth wipe even)....but (IMO) asking someone to change thier habits the morning of your playdate, seems to cross the line for me. Good luck!!!
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Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 5:14am
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I have asked friends and family that, if their child still puts toys and/or hands in the mouth, that it would be much safer for my child if they skip the PB and any other peanut products that day. If they're out of that stage, then I don't see it as an issue (everyone washes hands upon entering our house). Remember that kids with loose teeth put hands in their mouth, so it's not just the little ones.
I've never had anyone object to this. I know my good friends skip having their child eat PB that day, and one friend is more comfortable also skipping it the day before. Even my monthly playgroup has adopted a no-peanuts policy if my child will be there that time. It's really not a big deal to skip eating PB and any peanut products for one breakfast and one lunch!

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 5:18am
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To (edited)...oh gees! I don't even want to think about the teenage years, but you brought up a good point for me to think about! My 5 year old & I were recently playing tag and he sang the song "Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me" and I was stunned as I knew I didn't teach him this song. I asked where he heard it. He said from a girl at school during recess. He says they didn't kiss....
At the time I told him not to kiss at all, that he should wait till he's married (HA! wishful thinking, I know, but he's my baby and he's only 5!) Now I have to have a whole other conversation about this to make sure he understands it's actually dangerous with his PA. Recess is right after lunch and what if she had eaten PB...?
Glad I read this thread....I learn something new everyday!
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Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 5:31am
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Quote:Originally posted by PennMom:
[b]Have any of you done this before playdates? I'm just wondering if I'm going "overboard"- but I know my DD likes to give hugs and I know they will probably be sharing toys (and I also know the family loves PB!) What do you think?
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Have we done this? No.
Are you going overboard? Yes.
That's what I think.
Again, thats comfort zone. YMMV, etc etc...
Listen, you asked the question. I'm being honest.
[b]* Beyond Obsessed * [/b]

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 5:53am
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Thanks guys- I do appreciate all the opinions- I see everyone varies at least a little in what they do/ask.
I wasn't quite sure how to handle this. We are meeting right after lunch (1:00)and meeting at the beach (otherwise we do the same where everyone washes their hands when they come in our house). I know the kids will be in very close proximity and sharing toys. It is really good to hear others' opinions. I learn so much by what all of you post in your experiences! Thanks!

Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 6:17am
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Yes I do, actually, I usually don't have to. All of the kid's friends, and my friends, would not even THINK of giving their kids nut products if they are going to be around my kids at all. We are blessed!
You are not overreacting (IMHO), especially since you said your PA child is trace sensitive. Why risk exposure when it is such an easy fix? Good luck!
Stacie - Mother to:
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Posted on: Tue, 05/01/2007 - 6:26am
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No you're not going overboard. I ask people to not eat peanuts or eggs before playdates. My god, there are TONS of other foods out there it isn't asking to much. I mean we are suppose to compassionate humans in general so why not ask or insist?
If someone had poor eyesight and needed all the lights on in the room they were in to distinguish certain things would you say no or prefer they don't ask? No that is as stupid as the question is. So, in my opinion, no you are not overboard on this simple request.


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