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Do real estate values affect the schools PA awareness?

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I'm under the impression that neighbourhood plays a big role in just how PA aware the local public school is. The "better" the neighbourhood the more likely you are to have a school that takes it seriously. Has anyone else noticed that?

On May 16, 2002

If you are talking about "better" in the sense of socioeconomics, I think the more affluent the community, the less cooperation you get. At least that is the case in the town I live. The people around here live with an unbelievable sense of entitlement and you should have seen the outrage they expressed when they were asked to adjust what they sent to school with their children for snack, lunch and parties. It was disgraceful! They had a good understanding of the problem on an intellectual level but it did not translate into anything worthwhile for my son.

On May 16, 2002

I think Aztec is partially right - we live in a pretty high socioeconomic area and the parents do indeed have a "healthy" sense of entitlement. [img][/img] However, I think the schools may be a little more afraid of this population, fearing that they are more likely to have resources like attorneys available to them.


On May 16, 2002

My daughter is in a public school in a very affluent neighborhood, and our school has been GREAT. I attribute most of this to the school nurse, who has taken care of every pa related problem I have brought to her. I picked the school based on the nurse---it is not our neighborhood school. About six months before kindergarten, I interviewed (ten minutes on the phone) school nurses at three different schools in affluent neighborhoods and picked the school based on her. I think the fear of being sued works both ways. The school is much more likely to have a costly lawsuit if they don`t follow my daughter`s 504 and she has a severe reaction than if a parent sues over not being able to bring pb to class. I think it is all in the school nurse. Ours is VERY aware of the law.

By Ebony Scrivener on Jul 30, 2013

I also came from a public school in affluent neighborhood. It won’t matter anyway where you came from, what matters is the leadership of the school, the implementations they raise to achieve their mission. And as students also, we have to do our part not just in studying but as well us to follow school rules. It all matters in you and how you work.

By Momma4 on Aug 2, 2013

Do any of you have a 504 plan? If so has it help you? It's a plan they give kids with special needs. I am just learning about it my friend told me about it. Her daughter has major milk allergies.