Do Not travel with Malaysia Airlines

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Recently, Malaysia Airlines refused to board us in Hong Kong even with the provided doctor note. We did what the Airlines requested which is to get a doctor note stating my child is fit to travel with peanut allergy. Not only they refused to board my whole family, they also refused to refund all my plane tickets. Now, we lost all our money.

By naomit on Mar 14, 2011

Thanks. I totally agree with you.

By Hrg2 on Mar 13, 2011

Good luck naomit. It's amazing that they would bump you from the flight and not refund your ticket. I wish you luck in finding an airline that will be considerate to you needs. I am all about personal freedom including people having the right to eat what they wish but in the confines of an airliner a PA reaction could lead to death quickly. I believe that they should not serve peanuts on the flights. There are so many options that will work just as well.

By naomit on Mar 13, 2011

Thank you for the suggestion. We did look into some sort of legal recourse however, we were advised that the chances to win is slim.

We are going through another option, which is disbuting through my credit card company. This way, at least we were able to get refund for the tickets.

By Hrg2 on Mar 13, 2011

That is awful. As Malaysia AL has offices in the United States and I am assuming you bought the tickets for that hop here then you should file a small flames suit against them. If you are outside of the US different laws will apply buy you should have some legal recourse. I would suggest that you take it.

By naomit on May 13, 2011

That is terrible..... By any chance, did you purchase the ticket with your credit card?? If you did, you can get your ticket refunded through your credit card company. I made disbuted through my credit card company and the MAS airlines too. I did get all my flights refunded. I hope this help and good luck! At the minimum, you should have your unused flight compensated!

By Samantha418 on May 4, 2011

I was denied boarding on Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong even with a doctors note as well! We were not refunded as well!

By beagle on Jul 11, 2011

No, they will let you fly. Qantas fly from the USA and they are peanut free.

By naomit on Jul 11, 2011

Thank you for the head-ups. Will they refuse peanut allergy passengers to go on their flights?? Well, look like there is no option for us to fly to Asia at all.

By beagle on Jul 11, 2011

Singapore Airlines are no longer nut free (since June 2009). They will not take packets of nuts off flight but can arrange a nut free meal (which I wouldn't trust). They will also probably serve satay on the flight. This happened to us numerous times when they were nut free!

By naomit on May 13, 2011

I just find out that Singapore Airlines is peanut-free. Check them out.... We have to fly to Asia again.... this time, we will fly with S'pore Airline (even though they are a bit more expensive)

By HookwormIsHope on May 9, 2011

This is terrible! I'm so sorry. Thanks for the heads-up.

By naomit on Jul 11, 2011

Thanks, for the info.

By naomit on Jul 22, 2011

I can understand how you feel. Over there, a person with allergy is treated as someone who has committed a crime. They have no compassion and no understanding at all. I am very surprised that they even let you boarded the plane. My trip was way shorter than yours (3 hours flight) and they refused to board us because they would not agree not to serve peanuts to the passengers sitting within a row around us!!

My husband's entire family lives there.... however, his parents cannot fly over here to visit us. Someone did suggest to us to fly Quantas instead.

By naomit on Jul 22, 2011

Delta does provide the service of not serving peanuts when requested!

By peanutfreeflyer on Jul 22, 2011

Indignant? Shaken? Writing a letter?

As the family of a captain for a major US carrier, let me shed some light on a few things..

Our 11 year old daughter is fatally peanut allergic. She cannot be near anyone with peanuts, much less ingest or touch them. That being said-- we have traveled all over the world...10 hour flights are routine for us.

I am not sure what airline that you are getting to withold peanuts in their does not exist. With over 30 years in the industry, regularly flying a European line, as well as family favorites like Orlando-my husband has never been briefed on a peanut allergy on board,no have the flight attendants ever made an announcement to the passengers to refrain from eating or bringing peanuts on board.

Instead of maligning Malaysia Airlines...why dont you be thankful that you arrived home safely, that the FA's effectively kept 300+ passengers from putting you into anaphaylaxis,and that your concerns were listened to.

In the future, the best defense is an excellent offense..epi pens, beadryl and inhaler. All good to have no matter what. Face mask is overkill. In the HISTORY of the airline that my husband works for...there has never once been a peanut allergy incident from secondary exposure- either on a surface or through the air.This comes from the chief pilot office as well as the safety/incident office. The only medical emergencies relate to peanut allergy have been from ingestion of peanuts in either an allergic person or a previously unknown allergy.

Please be informed that due to changing laws and liability- there cannot be any announcements made nor meals withheld to accomodate allergy.

Please do not let fear of a reacton keep you from flying or seeing the world.Taxis, busses, trains,schools, malls, parks....we do not live in a bubble- exercise due dilegence in keeping yoursel/family safe.

Happy travels

By cclim on Jul 22, 2011

We just recently returned from Malaysia and flew Malaysia Airline - what a terrifying experience. We had booked the flight with specific information re:peanut allergy, we called in advance and when we checked in.

Still, as we boarded, we were treated rudely, attendants rolled their eyeballs at us, they denied the necessity of withholding peanut snacks throughout the trip.

Considering this was a 10 hr flight, we did not rest easy, even though we brought face masks, multiple epi pens, benadryl and inhaler, we were shaken and shocked at their response. All our previous flight domestically in the US, had gone smoothly, we were never treated anything less than with respect.

We thought they understood, then after take off, they proceeded to argue with us, and demean us, we argued for 30 min. Finally they agreed not to serve peanuts!

We will never fly Malaysia Airline again - I am drafting a letter which states the health concerns of peanut allergic passengers.

This was the last straw on a long 3 week trip throughout Malaysia, otherwise known as the LAND OF PEANUTS. Peanuts were everywhere, and they have no understanding or sympathy with peanut allergies - it is not a place to visit if you can avoid it. Unfortunately, my husband's entire family lives there. Though we told them they will have to visit us in the US.

By peanutfreeflyer on Jul 23, 2011

And how, may I ask - does Delta keep other passengers from consuming and bringing peanuts or nut containing products on board? They can serve all of the pretzels that they want- and so do other major US carriers... But if you are in 24A... You can never be sure, nor can the FA's and company- what is being consumed around you..... With the declining food service on domestic flights on carriers in the US, there are more and more folks carrying on their food- rather than pay 6 dollars for a turkey wrap. So again, from your seat 24A- can you be positive that little Billy in 22B is not eating his PB and J.... That was the only thing his mom brought on for him ( before she knew she wouldn't be able to feed it to him at YOUR demand).. ? Fact is... The kid is eating thePB and J.. And the guy in back of you is having a snickers bar. And those folks in front ? They are having mixed nuts- containing peanuts with their post departure beverage.... Don't let Delta give you any false security....

By naomit on Jul 24, 2011

Actually, yes! The flight attendants actually made the announcement and even make sure the passengers would not consume peanut on board. Of course, there are some ignorant people would not comply.... but, like you said we can't live in a bubble. My child will always be my own responsibilities to be taken care of.