Do not shop medical ID at this online shop


[url=""][/url] I would like to share my experience with this online store. It looks like a very personal and friendly shop. But the reality is not so. I had sent and left many messages regarding to a medical bracelet and the customer service has been poor (no reply). My argument is that to purchase a medical ID for anyone with special needs is already a very emotional experience and the not able to get your questions answered is not what you need. Please help get the words out, there are more shops out there who really deserve the business.

On Nov 15, 2008

I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience. I had looked at their site, but decided to get one from here instead -


I emailed Steve Halo the owner a couple times on a couple different suggestions of what to get for DS and he was great and always emailed me back the same day or the next day. They have a HUGH selection too.

Thanks for letting us know about a site that is NOT good.