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Do NOT Fly on Alaska Airlines (follow-up)

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After a discussion with the director of Consumer Affairs at Alaska Airlines, I learned the following:

1) Although Alaska Airlines reservationists may take down your request for a peanut-free and/or nut-free flight, they have no back-up snacks to offer passengers during the flight. (No pretzels, no goldfish - nothing.) I was told that passengers complain when they don't get peanuts so they will keep serving them. Doesn't sound like they take PA very seriously, does it?

2) Alaska Airlines makes the same speech as other airlines about not guaranteeing a peanut/tree nut free flight because other passengers may bring these foods on board, etc... But what they failed to say is that due to crowded airports forcing last minute gate changes, whatever catering truck is nearby and NOT necessarily the one with the peanut/tree nut free food will load your plane. Your food request is secondary to what is easiest for the catering trucks to do. I guess this explains why unsafe foods (peanut butter cookies, nut bars)were on both of our flights even though we made repeated requests.

3) Despite a vague familiarity with PA procedures on other airlines (peanut free zones, etc.), Alaska implements none of them.

Various Alaska Airlines employees suggested that our 5 year old wear a mask for the entire flight which would rule out eating or drinking several hours. They also suggested that we take their first flights in the mornings (6:30 a.m.)when the plane is "clean." Do they really think I'm going to wake our daughter at 4 a.m., slap a mask on her, and not let her eat nor drink for hours?

So if you or a family member has PA, stay safe and fly another airline!

By Jetdrvr1978 on Sep 2, 2012

Alaska airlines is a business and cannot stop catering food to passengers just to cater to your daughter. Do you expect a grocery store to put away all their peanuts before you and your princess enter the store. While I admit it must be a rough task to constantly monitor foods for peanut products. Must an airline charter an empty airrplane to cater to your family. Must everybody in the terminal put away their peanuts as your princess walks by? I mean I don't feel bashing Alaska airlines is the issue here it's it? If her medical condition is tis bad it's obvious she cannot be out in public places and there for I guess you need to rent a car or charter a private aircraft. The world cannot stop for your daughter ...sorry to be harsh but it's a fact

By Jetdrvr1978 on Sep 2, 2012

O and god forbid the airline didn't cater to your princess and asked the royal queen to get up at 4am? They tried to work with you and ou weren't happy so good luck with a rental car...

By jiffycansuckit on Feb 5, 2013

Jet - you obviously don't have a child with a life-threatening peanut allergy. You don't understand. Why are you even here posting your hateful response on a topic you don't even slightly comprehend?

I realize your hateful, unnecessary comments are 5 months old, but keep your non-understanding hate to yourself. Seriously.

You can suck it.

By pnut_allergy1988 on Mar 14, 2013

Since when does Alaska Airlines serve anything with nuts or peanuts? I fly Alaska ALL the time (i'm an MVP and have flown with them probably 12 times last year) and not once did they ever serve peanuts on any leg of the flight. In fact, I love flying alaska because they don't ever serve peanuts. They typicaly serve a snack mix that has soy nuts...I don't know if you're mistaking those for nuts but in my experience, they've never served nuts.

By pnut_allergy1988 on Mar 14, 2013

Also, them serving peanut butter cookies on the flight should not affect someone with a PA. The only risk of serving peanuts on a flight is inhaling the proteins in the peanut dust from air that has been recirculated which is a very real hazard.But serving a peanut butter cookie would not release any peanut dust in the air. If your child is affected by the smell (as I know I would be too) then it seems appropriate for her to wear a mask. She can't go into anaphylactic shock from the smell of peanut butter.