Disturbing discovery about Benadryl


I just purchased benadryl's new allergy fast melt...children's tablets that melt on the tongue. I just appened to check the ingredients and it has soy protein in it...one of the things that my daughter happens to be severly allergic to! I can't believe a drug company would do this w/ an antihistamine. I have a call into the company. Please spread the word to parents of kids allergic to soy!

On Sep 5, 2004

The fast melts also contain dairy, I believe, so they are out for us as well. We'll be carrying the liquid Benadryl forever it seems.


On Sep 6, 2004

Yes, I called the company this weekend and the rep stated that it does contain a dairy ingredient. In addition, they get the stuff from a third party and cannot guarantee that it is manufactured in a peanut free environment. Un!@#$%^believable!!!!!

On Sep 6, 2004

Is that all Benadryl products that cannot be guaranteed peanut/ nut free? Holy!!!

I know some Benadryl products also contain corn products for those allergic to corn.

I guess that is why we read every label!!

On Sep 7, 2004

I did not ask about the liquid Benadryl - just assumed it was safe because the doc prescribes it.

On Sep 7, 2004

I threw away my box to my liquid benadryl. Do you know if the liquid has soy protein in it?

Thanks for letting us know, my DS is also allergic to soy.


On Sep 7, 2004

No, I think only the new fastmelts contain soy. I just called Pfizer and told the rep that I just don't understand why they would include a major allergen in an allergy product!! She is passing my comments along. I have also notified FAN and will be notifying the head of allergy of our local children's hospital. I will double check on the liquid but I am pretty certain they don't include.

On Sep 10, 2004

Just FYI- I have contacted a number of national agencies, including a drug safety watchdog. I am committed to keeping this issue known until Pfizer does something about this.

On Sep 13, 2004


Thank you *so* much for sharing your discovery! I had just bought some of these this summer & had sent my PA (& soy allergic!) child to sleepaway camp w/ these in her fanny pack. Thank heavens she didn't need to use them!

I am so surprised that the company in question used soy in a product like this... just shows how we can never assume that other folks really 'get' it. Thanks again.


On Sep 13, 2004

What the h*ll?! Pfizer is setting a new standard of stupidity.

On Sep 14, 2004

Anne Parish, I am curious how you were able to send your daughter away to sleep away camp w/ an allergy to peanut and soy..please tell! I find soy to be harder than peanut because it can be in so many things. My daughter is going away on a 3 night class trip and I am already feeling stressed about the whole food thing! Any advice you can pass along would be appreciated. Mary

On Sep 15, 2004

Hi, BostonMary!

I would have just e-mailed you but couldn't find your address... so I will make this as quick as possible & everyone else will have to hit 'Page Down' or something!

My PA child did her 3rd year of sleepaway camp this summer. All were though our local Girl Scout council. Really, the whole thing has been done by taking baby steps along the way.

The 1st year, she was going into 3rd grade & she just went for a 3 night session (specially for younger kids). It just happened, by some incredible stroke of good fortune (or divine intervention), that we were personal freinds w/ the camp director so I knew that my child would be in good hands.

The 2nd year, it was a different director & the session was for a full week. I drove out the week before & went through the menu & the store room & checked all labels & I sent in suitable alternatives as needed.

This 3rd year, it was a different camp (2.5 hours away instead of just 45 min away) & the director seemed pretty on top of things & my child is going into 5th grade so I didn't even go read labels ahead of time; I just gave detailed instructions & sent in some microwave macaroni & cheese so she wouldn't starve if there was a problem.

So far, it has been great. My kid has a great time every year & feels more grown up & independent, etc. I have a letter I prepare -- very long & detailed, very similar to what I used for the schools early on -- that I send them & I talk to the director quite a bit before camp starts.

What I will do for next year, I am not sure. She is asking to go to a Christian camp in Pennsylvania that is almost 2 weeks long. I will have to think about that one... I have already spoken to them & they are very aware of the peanut allergy issue & seem open to working with us on the other things... but my child has not reacted as badly to soy as she has to peanut so my comfort zone for soy is wider than it would be otherwise.

Let me know if you want any more info, OK?