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Posted on: Tue, 11/27/2007 - 1:57am
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I just had the most amazing experience with Disneyland! I called the Disney Dining number to find out safe place to eat or not eat in the park for my PA child. The lady gave me 2 Chefs numbers and told me to call them so I left messages on both Voice mails and waited for a assistant to call. I got a call from one but it wasn't the chef but the assistant and he told me to go to city hall when I got to the park and they have a list of dietary problems through the park. Not good enough for me but I wasn't expecting a Chef to call anyway. So I went out and the other Chef left a message knowing he won't call back I was kicking myself but to my surprise HE CALLED BACK IN 1 HOUR! His name was Chef Chris and he was amazing he stayed on the phone with me for over 1/2 hour telling all the info I needed. I couldn't believe my ears that he was so wonderful and cared enough to call back himself and stay on the phone so long. He is the head Chef at Disneyland Park... CRAZY! I will never complain again about the $65 admission b/c this is the service we pay for! He told me he would never put a list at city hall reguarding peanuts only dairy or kosher. He said it is too sever to just have a list.....great answer! Here is the info he told me:

1. The Churros are safe he actually went to the plant and it is a facility within a facility. The Churro facility is a dedicated line. But the other facility within does make a cookie with tree nuts.

2.They do have Peanut Butter sandwichs within the park but they come from a outside source so the workers never touch it or does the counters. It is wrap taken from the ref. to a kids box and out to the customer. Tables should of course always be wipped off by us.

3. He told me on place not to go and the is Cafe O'rleans they make a deep fried PB&J Monte Crisco so the oil is contaminated. The oil through the whole park is CANOLA OIL!

4. He said every place to eat has a Head Chef, Lead or Manager and you should ask for one everytime and they will tell you what to eat at the establishment. He said always ask for the Chef then lead then manager. I did this and the Chef came out and was wonderful!

5. He also said if you do have a reaction within the park get a worker any worker and say we have a life threating emergency call 911. He said 911 will be there in 20 minutes if you called the number but since the worker can say exactly where you are (between point A and B) they can get to you much faster plus a emergency worker in the park can assist they have epipens.

6. He did said of course not to eat at the Ice Cream place or candy shops but we are use to that :).

I just can't say enough about this man and how wonderful he was it made my time at the Happiest Place on Earth just that!

Posted on: Tue, 11/27/2007 - 6:27pm
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we also had a fantastic time there.
no allergy problems at all.
its now one of our families top happy holiday memories !

Posted on: Tue, 01/01/2008 - 7:55am
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We're heading down there for our third trip next month - thanks for posting your experience. We actually ate in the Cafe N'Orleans the first time we were there - yikes! We definitely wont be eating there next time.

Posted on: Thu, 01/03/2008 - 9:45am
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When we went (twice in the past 4 yrs) we ate at the Village Haus twice and the Carnation Cafe once. No problems any time. I will remember that about the Cafe Orleans but we do ask each time if there's any thing with nuts on the menu.

Posted on: Tue, 01/15/2008 - 3:56pm
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Well, we were there on two very crowded days 12/28/07 and 12/29/07. I have never seen Disneyland with so much trash, etc. We had a very difficult time. No staff had the time of day for us to discuss allergies, very much take it or leave it. And the food was bad, poor quality and cold. PB & J has proliferated to almost every place in the park, and if it's pre wrapped, the staff doesn't know or care to explain. Chef Chris may believe they never touch the counter, but I wouldn't. The tables and trays were so filthy I didn't even want my son to sit down. We went out to Downtown Disney which was a little better, but were served rotten melon pieces in fruit salad. Next time it's definitely bring your own.

Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2008 - 3:24pm
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Wow that is awful. :( When we went it was in August on a monday, which is apparently one of their busiest days of the week. We had asked if anyone in the park sold divvies and a park employee (cast member, whatever) spent a good 20 minutes trying to find out for us even though there were other people who were waiting on his help. He even found another more knowledgeable cast member to try to help us (but we never did find divvies). None of the places we went to served anything with nuts and I didn't notice any at any other places (I always look at the menus of places if they're visible when we're walking around). I wonder if these are changes made after August.

Posted on: Wed, 01/16/2008 - 3:43pm
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Well, I am told by Disneyphiles in the know that the week and weekend between Xmas and New Years is absolutely prime time and probably the largest crowds of the year except maybe 4th of July week. I would not doubt it for a minute. It was a last minute trip to LA because my family from Illinois wanted to go to the Rose Bowl. We joined them down there. It really was very crowded, probably peak capacity for the park at times. The worst response/service was at California Adventure rather than Disneyland proper.
There were a lot of PB & J offerings years ago when we went to Disney World in Orlando. I didn't remember it so much at California Disneyland. We did see that deep fried PB & J at the restuarant in New Orleans Square also. Because of the crowds we wer mostly stuck with the low end food venues and lucky to get in there it seemed. Really should have just walked out maingate and eaten outside the park.

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