Disney World trip - in the planning stages


We're planning to go to Disneyworld (Florida) in August and stay at the Contemporary Resort with my DS (age 2.5 when we're there and he is insulin dependent diabetic and PA). I called the "special needs" number and they were very helpful in getting us some info. They had a chef at the Contemporary call us back in a few hours and we discussed meal options and he assured us that he'd have meals for my son available in any restaurant at the hotel we wanted to eat - including their fast food spot - the Food and Fun Center. They put his info on their schedule and I'm supposed to call them back a week beforehand to make dining arrangements - give them some idea of what meals we'll eat at the hotel. I am very impressed.

My son is contact allergic to peanut butter I know (he had his 1st reaction just last month so I'm very new to this). Should I request that the bedspreads and drapes be cleaned? I've read they don't clean them between guests. I don't know if that is true or not!


On Jun 6, 2004

Hello! We went to DW this past Christmas. We had a very good experience. My dh called the dining/chef line repeatedly prior, to make sure they knew about dd on the nights we had reservations. I have to say that it did not always get transmitted, BUT the chef's were still fabulous. We stayed at the Contemporary and ate at Mickey's Buffet breakfast twice. The chef came out and pointed out every item that either contained PN/TN's or could be contaminated (due to serving ware). He offered to make dd her own portions of those that might be contaminated. Because of the ages of our children, though, we usually just ate counter service. I did make a point of not ordering from anywhere that served peanut butter. Everyone was very friendly, and not put out at all when I would ask about PN's/PN oil. Most places I actually saw the counter person back there reading the oil bottle, so I trusted their answer. Have a great time!

------------------ Lori Jo,

Rose, 7-31-02, PA Beatrice & Georgia, 8-14-99

On Jun 7, 2004

I too spent the holidays in Disney World with my PA/TNA son and we had a wonderful time and a great dining experience everywhere we went. Just make sure that you alert the staff prior to your reservations that you have an allergy and they are more than happy to accomodate you. The chef came out to see us both time to assure us of the menu and ingredients. We ate at Mickey Tavern in Frontier Land in the Magic Kingdom and the English Pub in Epcot. They are very allergy conscious at WDW. Relax, and have a great time!!!!

We did not stay in the accomidations there. I feel more comfortable renting a house so I can make meals and snacks for Max. It also cuts down on some of the expense. I knew the people we rented from and they have their house cleaned thoroughly between each guest. I did not know before I went to Disney that they were so allergy conscious at their restautants so next time we would most likely stay at a resort.

Again, Have a great time...Be well!!


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On Jun 16, 2004

We just returned from WDW two weeks ago and had a wonderful time! We made all our breakfast and dinner plans ahead of time (you can check out [url="http://www.disneyworld.com"]www.disneyworld.com[/url] for all the dining information) and they gave us the number of each restaurant so that we could call them each one week prior to our visit. At each restaurant the chef came to our table and discussed what was safe and what to avoid and each time made ds's meals separate to ensure no cross-contamination!

I would highly recommend The Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom for great character dining (the characters came around at least 3 times each), they do a dinner and a breakfast!

We were very worried about eating out on our trip but have to say that this was probably the best experience we will ever have with eating out! Have a great time!

------------------ AnnieM.

On Jun 16, 2004

Frankly, PA or not PA, everything I have ever heard/read on hotel cleaniness says that the hotel bedspreads are the DIRTEST things in the room. Lots of stuff besides eating has probably gone on there before.....BLEECH.

I pull them off the bed, put them in the corner and don't touch them.

The second and third dirtest things are the TV remote and the phone - suggest that you wipe those off.

And ditto on all of the nice Disney comments above - you'll have a great time.

On Jul 3, 2004

Just returned from Disney. Great time. Great food allergy awareness! However, we did eat at the ESPN sports bar/restaurant on the Boardwalk. They do serve peanut butter triple layer sandwiches and lots of peanut butter desserts. Our waitress advised us that all peanut items are made in a separate part of the kitchen. She did make note of it for the cooks. My son was fine. However, given the chance again, I don't know if I would eat there.

On Jul 20, 2004

We are also considering a trip to Disneyworld in late August. Two questions: when do children in Florida go back to school (I was thinking it might be less busy if kids are back in school). Also, what are some of the restaurants you would consider "safe" to eat at along the way as we will be travelling from Ontario so it will take us a couple of days. Thanks in advance for your help!

On Jul 20, 2004

We are going to Disney mid-August, 18th -24th. Wouldn't it be great to meet up with other PA people there [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

We have been there before and I felt it to be the safest place on earth. Everywhere we went when we arrived for our PS (priority seating) times , we told the person we had a member of our party with PA as well as when we made our PS (like reservations). They passed it along to the chef and the chef usually came out and asked any questions and showed us all around buffets or brought special desserts for dd if they didn't have something they or I felt was safe.

Disney IS everything that the airlines AREN'T.

We stayed at the Contemporary last time and will be at the Yacht Club this time. Arlene

On Jul 20, 2004

From what I have read and heard, I will feel safe eating at Disney as they sound very allergy aware and helpful. My concern is the restaurants outside the resort and on the trip down to Florida. I would just like a list of places that PA people feel safe eating at (i.e. no obvious peanuts strewn around or peanut oil used). I would stick with the chain restaurants like Cracker Barrel, Applebee's, TGIF etc. if I knew people felt comfortable eating there.

On Jul 22, 2004

mom2four, I'm in FL and just checked in my teacher friend. Our county is returning to school Aug 7. I can't imagine there would be much of a difference for the rest of the state, if any at all. You should be fine late Aug.

On Jul 22, 2004

The metro Orlando counties are Orange, Seminole and Osceola - Seminole starts August 2nd and Orange starts August 9th. I'm not sure about Osceola. Some private schools start closer to Labor Day. HTH

On Jul 22, 2004

Thanks for the replies momtomitchell and 2Pies. We don't start school here in Ontario until after Labour Day. Do most schools in the United States start school in early August?

On Jul 23, 2004

I just moved recently from NH, we didn't start school there until mid Sept, what a big difference it is here!

On Jul 24, 2004

I teach in NJ where I have lived all my life. We have never started school until September, usually after labor day. My dd's start Sept 1 and myself Sept 6th this year. They need the teen workforce for the summer tourist industry. We live near the shore now and it is a lot of money for a lot of hard working teens. My students write to penpals in Nevada and they start school in mid August. Arlene

On Jul 24, 2004

We are now planning to leave in the next couple of days. I know it says that this is one of the busiest times to go to Disney but with our schedules, it is now or not at all. Has anyone gone at the end of July? Is it really that much busier? Any tips would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.

On Jul 30, 2004

Mom2Four, I have not been to Disney yet with our family, but we have done some long driving trips with our four children. We went to Canadian Tire and purchased a plug in cooler for the Van. It plugs into the lighter socket. You need an adapter to plug it in at the hotel put it works great for purchasing fresh food at the grocery store. We ate alot of sandwich and sub type meals, take a can opener for cans, your own utensils and preparing stuff. Have a great trip.

------------------ Karalot

On Jul 30, 2004

mom2four, We are going to Disney Aug 18-24. Will you be there? There are tons of website that have message boards for Disney. There is the one in travel on AOL and there is mousesavers.com and DISboards.com and miceage.com just to name a few. You can be busy on these for hours. I am. ;0. Arlene

On Aug 7, 2004

Hi mamagaona: We just returned from Disneyworld a couple of days ago and had the best time. We stayed at one of the Disney resorts and ate only in full service restaurants. We never had priority seating but the chef still came out to our table each and every time to discuss our son's peanut allergy. We had a fabulous time and felt very safe with the knowlegeable staff at the theme parks and resort. We went to Magic Kingdom, MGM and Blizzard Beach water park. Hope you enjoy your vacation as much as we did!

KarenT: Thanks for the helpful suggestions. We did end up taking some food with us but we also ate at restaurants along the way---Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans were big hits with the kids and safe too!

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On Aug 7, 2004

mom2four, Thanks for your post. Put a smile on my face and calm in my heart. Arlene