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We are travelling to Disney World at the end of April. My son has a peanut allergy and I am avoiding all peanut/treenuts/shellfish as I am breastfeeding my daughter.

Has anyone eaten at Boma the African restaurant at Animal kingdom lodge. Do they have lots of dishes with nuts? Do you think it is worth going or should we avoid it?

------------------ Erin, mom to: Connor 4yrs: PA Maeve 2yrs: NKA

On Feb 8, 2006

We ate at Boma with my PA son about 4 years ago, and it worked out fine. We really enjoyed it, and felt comfotable there.

When we made the reservations (they called them "Priority Seating" at the time; I believe Disney uses a different term now), we explained about my son's allergies. When we arrived at the restaurant, we explained again, and the chef and the dessert chef came out to talk with us. All the children's foods were safe for my PA/TNA son. There were a couple of adult dishes containing nuts/peanuts, but, surprisingly, not really many more than at a non-African restaurant.

As far as desserts went, of course, there were more restrictions. They told us that my son could not safely eat any of the desserts but one. As it turned out, there was actually one other dessert he could have tried, since it just had coconut in it, which isn't actually a treenut, but the Disney chefs weren't so sure about that, and they like to be careful in their recommendations. :-)

Basically, throughout Disney, all the chefs we spoke with were very conservative in their recommendations, which is great. Certainly we want to err on the side of caution. Of course, it can be overwhelming, like when the chef at Chef Mickey's didn't want my son to eat a roll because it contained all-purpose flour, and he was concerned that the flour *could have* (but he had no reason to think it was so, it was just a possibility) been milled in a facility that also produced nut flours. I pointed out to him that the same thing was true even for the bread I make at home from scratch.

Here's a link to the current menu from Boma's.


You may have to investigate what some of these foods are to determine if they're safe for your child.

HTH, Debbie

On Feb 8, 2006

We had a similar experience to Debbie's when we went to Disney and Boma 2 years ago. The chef at Boma was wonderful. She walked me through the entire buffet and went through which dishes were safe; she also had the kitchen make plain chicken skewers (no breading, etc.) for DD. She'd also taken the trouble to put together an allergy binder. She was clearly proud of her kitchen and also determined that all diners could enjoy a meal in her restaurant.

We also ate at Chef Mickey's. I'm not sure if he was there when Debbie went but the chef (Alan) when we went has a PA daughter. In fact, he chided me for not having a medic alert bracelet on DD.

Actually, all the restaurants we went to at Disney were very accommodating and at all but one (California Grill) the chef came out and spoke with us. At at all, they made something just for DD (including a dish of strawberries for her birthday at California Grill).

We're about to head back in early May, and one of the reasons we chose to go back to Disney was because of how allergy aware they are.

BTW, cj'smommy, love your children's names: my brother's name is Conor (one "n") and I considered Maeve for my daughter.

Also, I know you're avoiding nuts but cheat just once to have a zebra dome (yummy). I think it's just a cross-contam.

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On Feb 9, 2006

Thanks. We are really excited about going to Disney it will be all of our first time. I have heard great things Disney and food allergies.

I am going to have the peanut allergy noted on our dining reservations. I am so glad that you had a great experience at Boma. I really want to try it, but if I won't be able to eat a lot of the food there are other places we would go.

I think we are going to try Chef Mickey's for Dinner and the Crystal palace for lunch one day.

ceross - It took us a while to decide on the 1 N or 2 n's in Connor's name. Finally decide to go with the 2. I guess in Ireland a first name usually has 1 n and a last name usually has 2 N's.

Thanks Again. Will be heading to Disney at the end of April so if you have and other suggestions let me know.

------------------ Erin, mom to: Connor 4yrs: PA Maeve 2yrs: NKA