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My family will be spending a week at Disneyworld and Universal Studios in May. My 2 yr old son has a severy peanutl allergy. Any tips on where to eat and how to prepare for this trip?

On Feb 3, 1999

I've got the same problem. I am going to Disney World in May with my 4-year old son who has a peanut allergy. Fortunately, this will be my fourth trip there and I feel pretty comfortable navigating the parks and know what to expect foodwise. So far, I have posted on the AOL disney message boards and gotten good advice. Mainly, the folks at Disney are wonderful about food allergies. We have a reservation at the Hoop-De-Doo Revue dinner show. The dinner reservations people gave me the direct number to the show and they read me the list of ingredients of all of their foods. Guess what--no peanut products. The woman informed me that, due to the fact that peanut allergy is becoming a problem, they do not use a lot of peanut products in their cooking throughout Disney. If you want to go to a place that may serve peanuts, you can call the establishment 24-hours in advance and they will make your child a special meal. I will have to do this frequently as my son also has an egg allergy (and just about everything they make has egg in it). My best tip to you would be to get a good guidebook that lists out all of the restaurants and decide ahead of time where you want to eat. Then call each place and discuss the peanut allergy issue. They will read over their food items and tell you of a potential problem. So far my experience has been wonderful. If you would like to e-mail me privately, we can discuss various restaurants as I have already gathered quite a bit of info. Christine

On Feb 7, 1999

We went to Disney World for a week last June with my 15 month old who went into anaphylactic shock at 9 months from her first peanut exposure. It was wonderful!! We don't even eat out in St. Louis because we've found restaurant staff to be so uninformed and unhelpful checking ingredients. Every restaurant we went to in Disney World (whether we had reservations or not) we asked to speak to the chef. In every case, he or she came out to our table so we could discuss our daughter's peanut allergy and pick an appropriate meal. Their personnel are very well informed and extremely helpful. At the Cape May Clambake in the Beach Club Hotel, they have a children's buffet which was completely peanut-free. However, in another part of the buffet, there were desserts with peanuts so the chef made our daughter her own plate of food back in the kitchen on the off-chance that someone may have dropped food in the buffet line and contaminated the children's buffet area. The last day we were there I almost cried because I didn't want to go back to reality. We ate 21 meals there all in different restaurants and ran into no problems. We even asked the hotel staff to give our room a special cleaning in case there was peanut residue from another family and they accomated us at no extra charge.

Enjoy your trip!

On Jul 19, 1999

see the posted message.."out to lunch" about universal studios. jenn