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We're going to Disney in October and want to stay somewhere in Disney. My older son Ben has dairy allergy and Kevin (almost 2) has peanut, egg, and dairy. I've read alot of the posts about Disney and heard egg allergy may be a bit of a challenge. I'm wondering if we should get a place with a kitchen. My son's normally eat cheerios, kix or oatmeal with soymilk in the morning? Is soy milk sold in the grocery stores or served at the restaurants? What did kids with multiple allergies eat for lunch? Did you check whether breads and buns contained milk? I have phone numbers of all the chefs that were posted and will call for more detail later but am just trying to figure out whether I need a kitchen right now. I apologize if this involes discussion of milk and egg allergy as well but I'm not sure where else to ask.

On Feb 16, 2000

Just back from Disney and stayed at Port Orleans on-site. My son has peanut, tree nut and milk allergies. We had a great time and no problems. We stayed 10 nights which equalled about 30 meals and snacks. My son drinks rice milk which does not have to be refregerateed until its opened. We used the the small single serve boxes sold in health food store and took it with us. If they sold soy the same way you could pack it. They do have a few places to purchase milk but I did not look at the choices. We found that the sit down resturants like Crystal Palace, Liberty Tree and Cheif Mickey were very good at helping and fixing something for a child with allergies or just a picky eater. We also rented a car and went to our regular places to eat. If I can help let me know I also have quit a bit of information on getting good deals at WDW and renting cars. I think you can do without the kitchen. Unless you think you would want to eat most meals in the room. Good luck!!!!! Michelle

On Apr 7, 2000

Don't stay at Dixie Landings. I heard they have peanuts in the lobby and food court. Shan

On Apr 7, 2000


I posted the original Dixie Landings post. They don't have peanuts in the lobby, but do have unshelled peanuts in bags at the checkout counter at the food court. Because of this, we chose to eat at the full service restaurant there, which was much more expensive. But, it was worth the comfort level with eating there.