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so this upcoming summer im going to disney world with my friends as a part of my best friends sweet 16. were going to be in the park and eating in restaurants all around. does anyone know of any places inside the park that i should stay away from? also, one of my friend's moms made the dinner reservations and notified them about my allergy. the concerns i have are that were eating at a japanese resturant that uses peanut oil. theres no way i can not go to it, and they offered to even make my meal first so it wouldnt be contaminated. i dont know if im being paranois but i still dont trust it because there could be contamination. i know that peanut oil doesnt necessarily have the protein in it so technically im not allergic to it but still i really need advice. i want to have a great time on this trip with my friends and not worry about my allergy- even though its inevitable. should i take the "make my meal first" idea? is it safe? any ideas on what i could do? thanks, it will help a lott(:

By diannek on Feb 25, 2010

Hi Kristenn, I live in FL and we are fortunate enough to have annual passes this year. We have visited several times with my 3 year old who has a peanut allergy. Disney is very much allergy aware and friendly. When you get to the restaurant, remember to let them know again about your peanut allergy. A chef will come to your table to discuss it with you and should let you know of all the food choices that are safe for you.

Ruth Smith with Best Allergy Sites posted a very good blog about Disney Dining in December.

Have a great trip Dianne

By BestAllergySites on Mar 1, 2010


You want to have a good time and should not have to worry about what will happen at a restaurant. So I say, if you are worried about a restaurant now--you'll be worried then. Don't go there or bring your own food.

Is there any chance another restaurant can be chosen?

That being said, we were in Dis in Dec and it was fantastic. This was our 2nd time to the world (we've been to disland too) and both times they were fantastic about food allergies.

You must and I repeat must let them know about your allergies ahead of time so they know to expect you. If you cannot do this, be sure to mention it when you get there.

Also, most of the menus are online so you can plan your options out ahead of time.

I'll link here to my site and recent article I did. It has all the links and info you might need.

Best of luck, have fun and try to not worry too much! You'll have a great time!


By Mom2K on Mar 11, 2010

We are planning a trip to Disney and I have heard great things about how they handle food allergies. One thing to note is that I believe several of the restaurants in the World Showcase in Epcot are NOT owned/operated by Disney and they may not have the same "allergy policies". Just something to think about and to ask about beforehand.

I could contact Disney before you go to get more information on this specific restaurant and how they will handle it.

If you go to www.disboards.com there is a section on "DISabilities" that has a lot of info about restaurants at Disney. You can e-mail the special diets department and they will send you more info. Check the FAQ thread for the address.

Have fun!

By ElleMo on May 6, 2010


This may be resolved by now, but if not, take Mom2K's suggestion and contact the Special Dietary Request dept < WDW.Special.Diets@disney.com > at Disney with your concerns. They are generally very helpful. You are old enough to take control of your food allergy and I think you will feel a lot better if you spoke first hand to someone at Disney.

In Sept., my family will be going on our third trip to Disney. My daughter is allergic to peanuts, other legumes & tree nuts. We have had great experiences each time we went and found that they are very educated about food allergies.

I do understand your concern. We had reservations at the Polynesian and when we got there we found out that they put peanut dipping sauce on all the tables. The chef came out and was seemed very confident that he could give us a safe meal. We still felt uncomfortable and left, but they were very gracious about it and didn't make us pay for our drinks.

After speaking with people at Disney, you may feel comfortable with the Japanese place, or you may not, in which case eat something before hand or just bring your own food. (you can but something at one of the counter service places or you can carry food that needs no refrigeration into the park.)

Just be wary of the birthday cakes as they cannot guarantee that they are safe. And enjoy yourself!