Disney On Ice-Fleet Center, Boston

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 1:29am
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I wanted to take my daughter to see the Disney Princess On Ice show at the Fleet Center in Boston. (she is just learning how to skate and a little frustrated with the lessons) I spoke to Fritz Smith, the manager for the concessions, to ask him about peanuts/nuts. My original intent of the call was to establish the presence of the items, if they existed, I was simply not going to attend. However, I was surprised by Mr. Smith's desire to accomodate my daughter! He told me he would be in contact with the coordinating person for the DIsney tour, and he genuinly seemed to want to find a way for her to attend. I don't think that anything will REALLY come of this, and I don't have to energy now to actively make this a BIG ISSUE. But if anyone else out there wants to go (assuming that something can be done) let me know. If this is followed up on (either way) I'll be happy to post what happens.
Diane (please pardon the many spelling errors)

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 1:48am
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Hi! I think my 3yo dd might like that, and we love taking the train into the city just for the train ride, LOL!
I am out of reach all weekend, but would be interested in helping follow up on this. Maybe we can rally up a group and they will do a peanut free section or something. We have gone to many basketball games(dh more than me), but not with dd. At the games, I have not noticed actual peanuts, like at a baseball game, and they actually have some decent food concessions. I think dominoes is one and I read here that they are safe. We could check each concession, and maybe they could just not sell risky items on their menus that one day. Does not solve contact problems overall, but helps.
My email is [email]imissmandms@hotmail.com[/email]. I might not be back in touch until early next week.
What are the show dates and times you are considering? becca

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 3:40am
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A little bit off-topic, but I just wanted to share this Fleet Center story...
A couple of years ago, we attended Disney's Toy Story on Ice at the Fleet Center in Boston. It was about 3 months after finding out that my then 6 year old was allergic to peanuts.
It simply hadn't occured to us that they'd sell peanuts there, which in retrospect seems totally stupid. We didn't notice any peanut vendors on the way in, and didn't see anyone eating peanuts.
Then during the intermission, while my husband and non-PA son were using the men's room, so my PA son and I were the only ones in our group of 4 seats, a man directly behind my PA son started eating peanuts. I didn't see anyone else in the whole place eating peanuts (hot dogs, nachos, snow cones, etc. were plentiful, but I didn't see anyone else with peanuts)-- just our luck, the only person in the joint eating peanuts was right behind us! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]
The papery coatings between the shells and the nuts was actually landing on my son's jacket, which was on the back of his seat. So I had my son switch to his dad's seat, and I thought the problem was solved.
Then the rest of the extended family sitting behind us returned, and it turned out that they had three bags of peanuts that they were sharing among them, and the papery stuff was drifting onto all of our seats and coats.
I looked around for empty seats to move into, and couldn't see any. I didn't want to move right at that moment anyway, because my husband and other son were still away, so I had my PA son stand in the aisle near us while I spoke to one of the men behind us, who seemed to be the grandfather of the extended family. I explained to him that my son was PA, and that the peanut paper layer was getting on our coats and chairs and asked him if he could do his best to help us out and direct it elsewhere, and know what he said?
He told me that if my son was allergic to the peanuts, then he would just put them away. And not only did he put the peanuts away, but he had everyone else in his family put them away. I was so overwhelmed, and I thanked him again and again, and he just replied that it wasn't worth jeopardizing my son's health just so they could have a snack.
I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude to this strange man and his family. It was the first time I'd had to request an accomodation from a stranger, and I so lucky to encounter such a kind response.
Just thought I'd share a positive story about the non-PA world, since the topic sparked my memory of the event. Sorry to lead us off-topic!

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 4:04am
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Thanks for your story, it's always nice to hear about compassionate people. Becca, I really hadn't thought so far as to dates and times, I just wanted to get seats close up to the front (in the 42$ section) I thought that a week-day matinee would offer the best seating availability. They DO serve bags of dry roasted peanuts, in the shell, the peanuts are NOT roasted on site. And while he said that they have never used peanut oil in the fryers for french fries, he cautoned us against eating them (the supplier changes oils depending on market conditions, peanut oil is traditionally high, that's why it hasn't been used to date, that's not to say it would never be used.) He, Mr Smith, asked me to bring my own food. When I explained that my concern was with the airborn peanut dust, and shells, etc. He mentioned that for the "kiddie events" it's mainly popcorn and cotton candy that get consumed - I then countered with the "well if they are really not comsumed heavily, perhaps we could have one show where they are not sold?" THAT was when he said that if ANYONE could pull that off, he thought that the Disney folks would be the ones and offered to contact them and forward my phone number to them. Mr Smith did NOT promise anything, but I was so surprised by his concern and belief that something COULD be done, I thought I'd post just in case someting did pan out. I think it would be fun to have a group of us sitting together! I hope to hear from more folks.

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 4:09am
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We went to see princesses on ice in Phila. I never gave it a thought about the whole peanut issue till we got there!! I always bring 4 epi pens so I wasn't concerned about that. I didn't see one peanut there!! No one was eating them and I don't believe they were selling them either.
The show was AWESOME! My girls loved it! I would go if I were you!!

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 5:20am
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I was planning to bring my 4yo, and I have to admit I didn't think of the peanut issue, either. We went to see the John Hancock (my husband works for them, got to get in the plug) Stars on Ice show last year and we didn't encounter any problems. If they are willing to be accomodating that would be great. You can email me if we need to coordinate something.

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 11:46am
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Felt like I had to comment. A lady who does PR for the local pro ball field lives in my neighborhood. Apparently, a man had a severe reaction from the peanuts on the ground and in the air this year. He lived, but had to have and emergency tracheotomy. Thought everyone should know.

Posted on: Fri, 01/10/2003 - 12:52pm
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Nancy, I see that you are from Beaver Falls. Was this at PNC Park? Or Heinz Feild? I'm really interested in more info. on this. Are they donig anything different in response to this? Thanks.

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2003 - 12:12am
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O.K. I know nothing about sports, but it was at the Pirate's baseball field. I will ask the lady who works there next time I see her.

Posted on: Thu, 02/13/2003 - 5:38am
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Sorry it's been sooo long, I've gotten the run around and been passed off to as many people as possible at the Fleet Center. Okay, here is what they'll do. I (we) may have as many seats as we like, in one of the closed off suites for $40 per person. If anyone is interested in attending, let me know and we can book them all at the same time and sit in the suite. I have also called the ACLU and they will be getting back to me to see if it is leagal for the Fleet Center to charge us $40 to sit in a suite and be "safe" when the seats adjacent to the suites are only $27.
I'll let you know what the ACLU says about the price issue, etc.
Today is the WRONG day to piss me off!

Posted on: Thu, 02/13/2003 - 12:31pm
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We went to Disney on Ice in Buffalo with my PA DD, the Saturday AM show (11AM). Because it was the first show of the day, we didn't encounter any peanut "mess" because the cleaning crew had worked their magic. Our magic time for these events is 11AM Saturday for that reason. This fits within our comfort level; please note our DD is not anaphylactic to smell/touch.
PS - for the Ringling Brothers Circus, our comfort level was blown through the roof...the people behind us shelled fresh peanuts for 90 minutes. The shells ended up on the bottoms of our boots, and potentially in our house. But the Disney event did not have people hawking peanuts...just annoying light saber/sword thingies.


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