Disney Dining - our experiences May \'05


Our Disney Dining: peanut allergy & diabetic 3 yr old

Cast: me, DH, DS age 7 and DS age 3. The 3 year old is a type 1 diabetic (insulin pump) and is severely allergic to peanut and tree nut.

First off, all restaurants were very accomodating and we ran into no huge difficulties anywhere we went. I made many priority seatings so that we would have a better chance of being accomodated - especially earlier in the week just in case there would be problems.

We stayed at the Contemporary so I"ll start there:

Chef Mickey's: Chef promptly came out and walked me through the buffet. Biggest problem there was the ice cream sundae bar and he said ALL sprinkles were off limits. EVen bringing them from the back - didn't matter as they all might contain peanuts. That seemed unlikely to me frankly but we avoided them. DS doesn't usually like plain ice cream so the rest of us wanted dessert and sort of took turns going up there, grabbing something and walking around eating it. I didn't know where else we could get dessert that didn't have nuts in it! This was dinner our arrival night.

Food and Fun Center: hot dogs worked well from here - that's all we got for him. We ate in the FFC once but didn't again because they sold packages of peanuts and many folks were sitting around eating them with their lunch. We brought food back to the room if we got anything from here. The evening manager was VERY VERY nice - I asked her about anything safe for him from the ice cream freezer and there was only a strawberry fruit bar. I was telling her how much he loved the Itskadoozies and she actually had a whole carton sent over to the resort and we were able to ask for them from the grill folks the rest of th week. Not so great for diabetics but we managed.

CRT: had dinner here - very nice chef and very accommodating. Made my older (non allergic nor diabetic) son a similar meal as when he sees that William gets something modified he wants it too of course. This might be one of the places that served him a hot dog that wasn't listed on the menu. He loves hotdogs and most places we dined would make him one even if it wasn't on the menu. Sometimes I arranged this in advance by calling.

Crystal Palace: My favorite lunch place - love the food. Chef took forever to get to us but I think it wasn't his fault - some communication system wasn't working right (through and earpiece or something). He was actually awesome - made DS some fresh rice and presented him with a huge plate of desserts. Was pretty funny actually. Thank goodness he just picked around it (cause of the diabetes) but the hit was a little bowl full of sprinkles - just like the kind Chef Mickey's said was unsafe btw! I double checked with the chef they were safe and that is what he ate mostly. He had a brownie that was sugar free/nut free and liked some of that.

Le Cellier: They get the award for most outstanding service and helpfulness overall. They actually called ME about 6 weeks before our trip and they were very careful with what he could eat. They had our ressie marked in red and the manager was called when we arrived. They seated us promptly (helpful when you are dining with a diabetic!) near the kitchen was is actually good for us. The chef was just awesome and even gave me his business card and offered to give us any assistance with dining anywhere at the parks if he could help. He also made William a special from scratch dessert that was just gorgeous. Probably a bit much for a 3 year old though! LOL! William didn't eat much of it but it was very much appreciated. I think anyone with food allergies should stop here - especially those with unusual or multiple allergies, etc. They are MOST careful. Be sure to talk to them beforehand.

Other places: Whispering Canyon, Mama Melrose, Biergarten, Liberty Tree Tavern, SciFi Diner - all fine. Biggest problem we had most places was bread - sometimes only the hot dogs buns were safe for him to eat and dessert.

The Krispy Kreme donuts they carry at the bakery in the MK are NOT safe for peanut/tree nut folks. I talked to the chef there and he said they are brought in very early in the morning (before he gets there) and are laid out next to items containing nuts before they are put into serving trays. The folks touching the nut brownies may then touch the donuts. I wouldn't risk it. The Hess station inside WDW does sell KK if you need a donut treat.

The MK carries a sugar-free frozen strawberry fruit bar but the only ones we could find were VERY crusted over with ice - like they were very very old. DS tried one and didn't like it. It was low in carbs but doesnt matter if he won't eat it! We ended up going with the itskadoozie popsicles and giving insulin to cover it. We also noticed some places carrying the Minute Maid light lemonade - at counter service spots like Pecos Bills. I think I had been told that no place there served it but I kept seeing a few spots as the week went on.

Hope that helps!


On May 19, 2005

Wow, Carol. Thanks for the post. I'm sure I'll be referring to it when it comes time for us to plan our trip (who knows when!!)

On Jul 12, 2005

I'm just adding some additional info since we went back to WDW last week.

In May when we dined at the Biergarten the chef told us EVERYTHING on the menu was safe for William except the breads and the almond cookies on the buffet.

This time the chef told us that everything was safe except the breads and ALL of the desserts except the apple streudel and vanilla pudding and applesauce. So I don't know if the 1st chef screwed up or the food source changed but it does pay to double check with the chef. I hope that 1st chef wasn't giving us the wrong information! We love Biergarten. The chef even got us a regular hotdog for William since he didn't like the sausages on the buffet.

We also dined at Le Cellier, CRT and Crystal Palace - all were great!


On Jul 12, 2005

Carol, sorry to be dense, but which restaurant are you refering to as CRT?

Thanks! Debbie

On Jul 13, 2005

Sorry about that - CRT is Cinderella's Royal Table. I hang out on Disney discussion boards too much I guess and we abbreviate everything ;-)

On Jul 13, 2005

Thanks for the explanation. Since I have three boys, I guess they won't be clamoring for a meal at CRT, but it's good to know the abbreviation anyway!