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We just spent a fantastic 2 weeks in Disney! We were very impressed with all the chefs that we dealt with as well as the Magic Kingdom food and beverage department. We had ice-cream every day at Aloha Aisle in the Magic Kingdom.We had hot dogs at Casey's Corner. We dined at Narcoossees in the Grand Floridian Hotel (Chef Jason), Mama Melrose in MGM Studios, Chef Mickey's (Chef Eddie) and California Grill (Chef Marco, Chef Johnathon, Chef Gregg). The California grill pastry chefs were so wonderful..they were concerned about cross-contamination in the air ducts of the pastry kitchen (from the pecan and walnut flour) so they sent a pastry chef up to the restaurant to make DS Chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate mousse, chocolate crepes, etc....We dined there for most of the trip. Animal Kingdom went well (we did not do Rafiki's area).We did not come into contact or see any peanuts/nuts being fed to any animals (this was mentioned in a post I read here on Disney). If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to respond.

On Jun 7, 2003

Thanks so much for sharing all that information! We would like to plan a trip to Disney World next April with our PA dd so it is always good to hear how great Disney is in handling food allergies! I really think Disney deserves credit for being so helpful and consciencious (spelling??)!!!

Thanks again for all the great information on where you ate! Glad you had such a wonderful experience.


On Jul 2, 2003

I almost cried (relief and happiness) when the chefs we talked to pulled out detailled listings related to major allergens and their foods. The chefs we spoke to also demonstrated an understanding of cross contamination issues.

Our own personal experience at Disney was great. [i]We also found Disney to be very clean[/i].

Employees were courteous, friendly, and continually smiling. My face hurts from smiling so much!

Disclaimer: This post is not advice in any manner or form. It is only my own individual and personal experience.

On Jul 2, 2003

We just got back from Disneyworld and everything went smoothly as far as dining is concerned. Disney appears to be very allergy aware. We had dinner at Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom and asked our waitress whether they used any peanut products in their cooking. She checked with the chef and he immediately came out to our table. What an incredible guy. He said that they do not use any peanut products in their cooking, but he couldn't guarantee the chicken nuggets my son wanted would be okay because they get those from an outside company (ConAgra). He said that he knew they make other food that has peanuts and was worried about cross-contamination issues with the nuggets. Since he didn't feel comfortable giving my son the nuggets, he said that he would be willing to make my son another dish (such as a pasta dish that wasn't even on the menu. If only every chef and waiter/waitress was as knowledgeable. After that experience, we were very comfortable about eating at the DisneyWorld - until we got to Animal Kingdom. Everywhere we went to get something to eat, they served PB&J sandwiches. We chose to leave that park early and eat elsewhere. I didn't see this at any of the other parks.

On Jul 2, 2003

You can get detailed info regarding the menus at disney from many of their websites... wdwig.com and wdwinfo.com list menus from all over Disney, including the counter-service food areas. We printed all of the menus and did not go to any place that served peanut butter sandwiches or enterees containing nuts. It helped us to make safe choices even before we arrived. Calling ahead for reservations and speaking to the chefs is also the best way to go to make sure there is a safe meal waiting - especially for desserts items.

On Sep 5, 2003


Originally posted by Marian: [b]You can get detailed info regarding the menus at disney from many of their websites... wdwig.com and wdwinfo.com [/b]

Just FYI, wdwig.com and wdwinfo.com are great sites about WDW, but they aren't officially connected to Disney in any way.


On Sep 5, 2003

Correct. These sites are not operated by Disney, however the information is updated very frequently and is a good place to start. I would suggest speaking to the chefs directly in all cases. Some restaurants like the California Grill change their menu quite freqently!

On Dec 15, 2003

We'll be going to DW this saturday for a week. How far ahead did you call to tell them about the PA?

On Feb 10, 2004