We just went to Disney World and stayed at All Star Movies. I asked the server if the chocolate chip pancakes are nut free and he guaranteed me that all items on the kid menu are safe, but the chef would come out to talk to me. Another server asked if they could help me and I asked the question again (thinking it was the chef) and got the same response. As I'm standing in line waiting for the chef I'm looking around and I see a lot of Nestle signs. The first chef came out and said they were safe. The second chef was right behind him, so I asked what kind of chips they used and could I please read the label. He returned saying that they used Nestle and that the label did list possible trace nuts. Needless to say, I was very nervous during the entire vacation! I kind of felt that Disney is doing the best they can and are very pleasant & cooperative overall, but I just don't know that they are as educated as they should be. And I am glad that I went with my gut feeling to continue to question them and I just avoided everything that I didn't trust. Karen

On Dec 30, 2007

Hi Karen38,

I was happy to see your post and hope you can help me out.

We are planning to go to Disney during the week between Christmas and New Year's next year - 2008.

Did you just go during holiday time? Was it crazy busy? I am concerned b/c people are warning us that it is mobbed during holidays. However, due to my husband's business and school vacations this is the only feasible time for us. How was handling the food allergies for you there? I am also going to post separately to see if I get any more responses.



On Jan 1, 2008

Hi LJ, We were there from Nov 6-12th, which was our first visit. From what I heard, this was a less crowded time to go. Most rides only had a 5 or 10 minute wait and if you can "plan" your fast passes, you can get right on the more popular rides with longer lines. I think the week you are planning is probably pretty busy, but well worth it. They were decorating for Christmas while we were there and it was beautiful. Another plus to going that time of year is the great weather. One thing I didn't realize is that they stop giving fast passes when it gets crowded, so you need to plan strategically for the rides that you really want to go on (not all of them have the fast pass option).

I was very nervous about feeding my son, who has a peanut allergy. I felt Disney did a pretty good job (except for my first experience mentioned above). At most places the chef will come and discuss your allergies and make suggestions and some chef's actually have charts made up. At Chef Mickey's, which is a buffet, the chef made my son's pancakes and waffles to avoid any cross contamination while sitting out on the buffet.

Have a great time planning your vacation!