Hi, we are planning a trip to Disney and was wondering if anyone stayed in the resorts with kitchenettes so you dont have to eat out ALL the time. I have read some of the threads on Disney and I will be sure to keep those good restaurants in mind. I get worried thinking we will have to eat out all the time. Am I being overly protective here? Looking forward to your replies. Were there alot of peanut products being sold at vendors?

On Feb 24, 2002

We stayed in a condo with a kitchen in Kissimee Fl. This made life much easier for us, and I packed a lunch and snacks for my PA kid everyday. There was also a pool, etc. in the complex. We did have to have arent a car, but this gave us the freedom to do a few non-disney things also. There are PB&J sandwiches vended in various parts of the disney parks. They sell them wrapped. Also in the tropical and african areas there were peanut dishes on the menu, we just did not go to those restaurants at all.

On Mar 5, 2002

We have stayed in the Boardwalk suites which are very nice. Great cicus themed pool too.

We like to have a kichenette whenever we travel - not just for PA but it burns up to pay over $10 for breakfast in a resturant!

On Mar 5, 2002

Thanks for your replies. Is the Boardwalk suites close to everything? What kind of transportation is available to the magic kingdom? Where did you eat when you ate out? Did you run into any problems? Lots of questions but the answers are really helpful!!

On Mar 5, 2002

Well, I will do my best, but there are many other Disney threads for extra info... Boardwalk is closest to Epcot, you can walk there. You take a Disney bus to the Magic Kingdom, MGM, water parks etc...The buses are very handy and run frequently so no worries.

We have never had any problems at Disney with food. You may want to stop in Orlando to get some groceries as the Disney food stores are pricey. My dd likes just the fast food cheese pizza, but she has been in the Cinderella castle, Epcot Italy, Morraco (like the belly dancer), Netherlands and Mexico, Prime Time and Sci Fi Cafe with no trouble. We also like the Japan resturant with cooks on the table in front of you with a non peanut oil.

Just avoid the things you normally would - bakeries, ice cream parlors (the stick ice cream sold off of carts has the ingred. on it) some of the choc. etc...

Have fun.

On Mar 25, 2002

I'm going to Disney this weekend. I have been there several times and I always "chicken out" about eating at the restaurants. I know most of you are very careful, and I want to know how you can trust the chefs? I would love to have a vacation where I could eat out-- anything!! I went on the cruise and brought my own food YUCK! If anyone could let me know what food is "safe" there. I am a vegetarian-to make matters worse! Thanks

On Mar 25, 2002

Pat: If you eat at one of the restaurants in DisneyWorld..call ahead and talk to them about your dietary needs. When we ate at the Crystal Palace (for a character buffet breakfast) the chef came out, and walked me around the buffet. He told me the ingredients in everything they made (as related to peanuts, as my son is PA) and pointed out any food NOT made in his kitchen. There was peanut butter on the buffet...but it was on one side next to the bagels. They were very knowledgable about cross contamination and the importance of keeping the PB separate,etc. I would imagine that any of the restaurants would be this accomadating ... that seems to be Disney's forte.

Incidentally, we are PA only...and ate at the park every day we were there.

Good luck!


On Mar 26, 2002

Hi! I am new here. and we are going to Disney in 4 weeks. I see everyone talking about "Threads" what is that and how do I do it?? (sorry im new to PA, this site, and the PC. HELP! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/confused.gif[/img]

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On Mar 27, 2002

NervousNelly: "threads" just refers to the postings under a topic, such as this one. To find old "threads" regarding Disney, click on the "search" button (should be in the upper right hand portion of the screen,under the "reply to this topic" button). From there you can search for any topic. Fill out the information you want to search for. Hope this helps!

P.S. Have a great time at Disney. We really had fun!

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