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What do you all do about dinners? I have been just not eating at them... but an upcoming dinner is with people I don't know and I will be receiving an award. I don't want to spend the night explaining why I am not eating, and I don't want to seem uncharitable. It is at one of the best restaurants in our area.

I am planning to call the restaurant and ask what is being served, what are they chances/precautions against cross-contamination, etc.

Was wondeing what others do in these situations?

Tara P

On May 16, 2005

I would call the restaurant. I have no qualms about asking about what will be in a dinner served to a group. Quite often the site prepares something special for me. Most people want to help.

I eat at banquets all the time, and it has worked for me to check ahead of time, and I usually find a server, tip well, and ask for assistance with finding out ingredients and cross contamination. Tipping works. I also write the business which puts on the banquet and tell them that their staff was helpful. The letter usually is put in their personnel file.