Dining in Disney World

Posted on: Tue, 02/03/2004 - 4:54am
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Just thought all you parents of peanut/tree nut, or come to think of if, any kind of food allergy kids, should know that vacations don't have to be out of the question. We rarely eat out when home because I feel the "cook" they've hired is really not a trained chef and isn't as aware of allergies as he should be. But, once a year, we head off to Disney World and eat to our hearts content. My PA/NA son can eat safely at all their restaurants. You make your dining reservation, then call 7 days in advance to make sure the food is safe or to arrange for special food to be brought in. And subsitutions have never been a problem. The chef at each and every restaurant will come to your table, walk you around buffets pointing out what's not safe, prepare special food in back, etc. It takes a little longer to eat than it used to, but it's totally worth it for my son to get to join in and not feel like the odd ball out. Anyone out there know of any other kid-friendly vacation spots where allergies are well-respected?

Posted on: Fri, 02/06/2004 - 12:17am
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Thanks for the info on Disney. We are heading there this summer for the first time since dd was diagnosed 5 years ago. We we worried about the food situation.

Posted on: Fri, 02/06/2004 - 12:33am
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Yes, thanks! We too are going there this summer. Do you have any favorite eating establishments to pass on?

Posted on: Fri, 02/06/2004 - 4:07am
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We'll be there this summer, too! I'm so excited! How far in advance can you make restaurant reservations? Do you then follow up?

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 9:26am
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We LOVE Disney (can you tell by my name?)! I agree that it is sooo nice to be able to go there and have a vacation that all of us can enjoy! The chefs have always catered to our PA son, making him grilled cheese on demand and with a smile.

Posted on: Sat, 03/06/2004 - 9:28am
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Yeah for Disney!!
We went this past novemeber. We ate in The animal Kingdom Lodge buffet (thats wher we were staying) several times. The Chef Dave was awesome! I spoke to him by the buffet, however he asked to meet my son and took him and me around the buffet. then he asked my son what he wanted to eat and made it fresh for him and my other 2 children. He even brought out a special dessert for them all. We ate at Chef Mickey at the contempory. That chef also made food speicl for my kids. That was also a buffet. They had peanutbutter and jelly pizza on the buffet. ( I did call ahead to let them know we were pa) So he made fresh food. Also in both resturants instead of getting cereal out of the bin(at chef Mickey) unopened boxes were brought to my table. We ate dinner in Epcot at the resturant that revolves (man canthink of the name) Chef Alison was at out table almost all night. The chefs are really awesome there. even eating lunch on the go in the parks was not a problem. He also ate at animal kingdom resturantsurous buffet. I was not there( abc soap weekend, I went to MGM with the girs) My dh said the chef came out and took him around the buffet. They are very helpful and will make your child(or you) anything oyu would like. even if the item is peanut free on the buffet but you are afraid of cross contaimnation, they will make it fresh.
BTW, I watched Chef Dave in the kitchen making my sons food. Its opened up to the buffet, you cab see. anyway, he DID NOt use the pots and pans on the oven. He came back with clean utensils too.
I recommend them to anyone who is concerned. Its comforting.
This year we are planning to go to Nigara Falls. any suggestions for me???

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