Different types of tree nuts


My child is allergic to peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds. Our allergist has instructed us to use the epi-pen upon accidental ingestion of peanuts, hazelnuts, and walnuts, but to wait and see if there is a reaction on almonds. When questioned, he said that technically an almond is a pit, not a nut, and my child is unlikely to have a serious reaction. I also asked him about allergies to macademia nuts, since we were travelling to Hawaii. He responded that macademia nuts are in a different nut family than those to which my child is allergic and not to eat them, but not to be concerned about them.

So . . my question, has anyone had similar advice and looked into the issue of different types of nuts? It has made a difference for us in that I am not concerned about cross-contamination with almonds, only with strict tree nuts.

On Oct 16, 2001

Interesting about the almond being considered a "pit" and not a tree nut. That's true, but its allergenic properties are close enough to a tree nut to have it included as an actual tree nut in lists of allergens. Here's a web site you might find informative, explaining the difference between tree nuts and almonds.


Hope this helps a bit in deciding how to handle the situation.


On Oct 17, 2001

Thanks, Cayley's Mom, for the link.

The site looks like it could have a wealth of information but I was unable to get beyond the almond page without a password. Do you know how the site works?

On Oct 17, 2001

Sorry Helen, I didn't realize it was a password site. I'll look further into it to see how it works. I agree, it looks to have tons of relevant info on cross-reactivity, etc. I'll get back to you soon.

Here's another brief outline of different names of tree nuts and tree nut products from the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology dept. at Stanford University Medical Center. It should be helpful as well: [url="http://www.lpch.org/HealthLibrary/ChildrensHealthAZ/allergy/treenut.htm"]http://www.lpch.org/HealthLibrary/ChildrensHealthAZ/allergy/treenut.htm[/url]


On Oct 17, 2001

OK Helen, it's a site where you pay for a subscription for a password to download info from current or archived allergen documents. It's an overseas site, because the banking info is in EURO dollars, and the transfer info goes into a bank in Munich. Here's the web page with the subscription info. [url="http://www.food-allergens.de/order/online-formular.html"]http://www.food-allergens.de/order/online-formular.html[/url]

If you don't want to subscribe yourself, perhaps you could ask your allergist if he would be interested, then you could get the latest info from him - just a thought. Here is the home page for the site, to get more info about on-line access (perhaps without a subscription??): [url="http://www.food-allergens.de/"]http://www.food-allergens.de/[/url]


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