Did the peanut butter cause this?


I have a 5 year old daughter who has had a systemic allergic reaction in the past, but the docs couldn't figure out what triggered it. She has an Epipen b/c of it. She also has asthma and eczema, so we know she has allergies.

Today she had a peanut butter sandwich for the first time in a very long time. Within 30 minutes she had a severe headache, stomachache, and sore throat. It all came on suddenly. The headache and sore throat stopped within the next hour, but the stomachache didn't. Could this reaction be connected with the peanut butter?

On Dec 28, 2003

hope4kids, what is a systemic allergic reaction? When prescribed the Epi-pen did the doctors say what to use it for or when to use it? Did the systemic allergic reaction require an Epi-pen?

All of that aside, it does sound like it was a PA reaction. Was this the only new thing that your daughter ate to-day?

Do you know what other allergies she has? Do you think she has other allergies because she has ezcema?

Sorry, a lot of questions, not meant to overwhelm, but can't really help 'cus I'm kinda confused.

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On Dec 29, 2003

Hi Hope4kids!

How is your DD today? Better, I hope.

It certainly could have been the PB, but it also could have been a strep, a virus, or who knows what. Has she ever been tested for peanuts?

In any case, I wouldn't try giving her peanut products at home again. Especially in view of a past reaction I would discuss this with her allergist and test her if she hasn't been tested already.

Let us know how you make out.