Did anyone notice that VT Nut -Free has more cautions about egg recently?

Posted on: Mon, 02/19/2007 - 2:28pm
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Joined: 06/21/2003 - 09:00

I always knew they made fudge that contained egg. Then they added candy corn which contains egg. I just looked to order some Easter items and chocolate covered pretzels and many have a warning about shared equipment with egg. Sorry, but it stinks for those of us avoiding egg. I didn't notice the egg warning there when I purchased the chocolate covered pretzels for Valentine's Day--it might have been there and it is a good reminder that I have to look more carefully. Fortunately DD took a tiny bite and didn't like the chocolate covered pretzels.

I just wanted to make others aware that are also dealing with egg allergy.

The buttercream filled little bunnies in a box looked so goo, too [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] Oh well...

Posted on: Mon, 02/19/2007 - 3:21pm
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This is why we have never bought anything from Vermont Nut Free. I have always ordered Amanda's Own instead.
Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 4 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

Posted on: Tue, 02/20/2007 - 1:16am
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Did they add warnings!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!
You can thank me for that. I absolutely will take credit for additional warnings being on their boxed chocolates and pretzels.
I ordered two boxed items and pretzels to share with my kids for Valentines Day, only to discover eggs on the ingredients on one box. So I called and talked to a guy on the phone, asked about the other items and he told me those would be processed on the same equipment. I told him that they should put that on the site -- to which he said there is mention in the FAQ's section, and most people call if they have a question about allergens. I told him that I never go to that section. I trust their labeling on the Catalog pages since they are so good about the Nut allergy -- then said that I couldn't share any of the candy that I bought, and that they should put the warnings on the catalog pages with the items that it pertains to.
He said he was sorry and that adding a warning to the catalog pages would be an easy thing to do. So I guess they did.
BRAVO TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Tue, 02/20/2007 - 2:11am
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No kidding, gvmom!
I am very grateful that they did it. I would never have imagined that the candy corn and bunnies would be unsafe for DD... and truly, I might well have ordered truffles without thinking that they would be contaminated with egg. Yikes.

Posted on: Tue, 02/20/2007 - 4:31am
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Joined: 03/27/2004 - 09:00

Good for you! I can't believe this well known allergy aware company would not think to list for contamination of the top 8 allergens! I for one am grateful because we do occasionally order from them (planned to this Easter) and I would expect their labeling to be better than any company labeling. My daughter is EXTREMELY allergic to eggs.

Posted on: Tue, 02/20/2007 - 4:33am
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Joined: 08/24/2005 - 09:00

I went and checked out their site, and I'm glad I did. There was another thing that I ordered awhile back. I had intended it for all of us, but never gave it to the boys. It would have been unsafe too.
Anyway, I called a few minutes ago and got the same guy I talked to last week. I wanted to thank him/them for putting the notations down. That I appreciated that they did something about the problem. He told me that the new info went up in the afternoon after I called.
So, another BRAVO out to Vermont Nut Free for being so responsive!

Posted on: Tue, 02/20/2007 - 7:28am
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Joined: 09/30/2004 - 09:00

We also use Amanda's Own [url="http://www.amandasown.com"]www.amandasown.com[/url] for pn, tn, egg, and dairy allergies.
From their website . . .
Our products are only made from
semi-sweet chocolate. The chocolate is
made on dedicated equipment that is
free of all dairy and nut ingredients. We
do not use dairy or nuts in any of our
products so there is no chance for
cross-contamination of our ingredients.
Our products are also egg-free.

Posted on: Tue, 02/20/2007 - 8:24am
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THANK YOU, GVMOM!!! Like I said, when I ordered for Valentine's Day, I did not notice egg as an ingredient in their chocolate covered pretzels. Now, I will check and also be able to see it more easily. I'm still going to order the choc covered pretzels for myself as a stash at work [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] They are so good!!!!
The web page definitely reflects the changes you suggested.

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