Desensitization Using Homeopathis Remedy for PA


My daughter who is 6 1/2 and PA developed asthma this fall. She had started on a peanut remedy with a very reputable MD who is also trained in homeopathy last summer. About a month or 2 after beginning the treatment, she was diagnosed with asthma. Two weeks ago I took her to the asthma clinic at UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) They did a blood test to test for allergies. It came back highly allergic to peanuts (which we knew) and slightly allergic to garlic (which she vomited from every time I nursed her after eating garlic when she was a baby!). Nothing else came up positive. I'm now wondering if the peanut remedy could be causing the asthma. Does anyone know anything about this?

I'm so upset thinking I am responsible for causing the asthma by using this alternative medicine. Is it possible?

On Jan 18, 2003

I don't think I can answer your question about whether the treatment caused your daughter's asthma (although I would tend to doubt it), but what kind of alternative therapy is she undergoing? Is it a NAET type of treatment? I am just curious about what's out there in terms of treatment options.

On Jan 18, 2003

If the peanut remedy that you are talking about involves ingesting small amounts of peanut protein, I believe that this could certainly be the cause of her asthma. Why not stop the treatment and see if the asthma goes away.

Please share with us what type of treatment you are doing. Try not to beat yourself up. We are all eager to do what we need to do to make this PA go away.

On Jan 18, 2003

The treatment is a homeopathic remedy which I believe is a minute amount of the peanut protein. I stopped the treatment as of today and am going to give it a few months to see if there is any improvement with the asthma. I'm afraid besides the asthma, this may have made her even more sensitive to the peanuts. Yes, I am beating myself up... Her doctor has done this treatment with other PA kids and it has worked. I wonder why it works on some, but not others.

On Jan 19, 2003

Haley's Mom: No matter what, you are trying to do the best by your child. I would NOT take this on as your fault, it won't benefit anyone. Take heart in the fact that you are doing everything you can to help your child and commend yourself for being AWARE enough to notice the coincidence and possible connection. You are a good mom.

On Jan 19, 2003

OK, I'm going out on that limb.

I'm disappointed to hear of yet another Dr. who puts his patients at risk. I'd go to another Dr.

Haley's Mom,

I'm not judging you - you, as others have said, are trying to help your child. I'm just sorry that this Dr. has put your child at risk.

On Jan 19, 2003

Sorry to hear that the treatment may have made pa worse. I think the same thing has happened to me and my twin sister. About 25 years ago (showing my age here) and just before mid year exams, my mum took us to an ENT doctor who "dabbled" in curing people of allergies. We had injections of tiny amounts of pn (raw) increasing slowly over a couple of weeks, then I was given a biscuit with pn in it. I was so sick. The worse thing was dr didn't believe my mum because I was sick at home. Anyway he decided to try again using "cooked" peanut protein injections. The next trial was via a tablet. My twin was given the real thing and I had a placebo. My twin was almost died. The reaction including severe vomiting was so bad she even started bleeding (like a period). Now our reactions when we get caught are worse and they have got worse over time. Sorry this sounds scarry and I know you can only do what seems right at the time but I can't believe that Drs are still trying to cure allergies like the ones we and our kids suffer from. Even this morning there was a report for people to be careful when taking some herbs as they can have side effects with prescription drugs and some cause bleeding during surgery. (I know about even fruit and vegies than can effect some medications eg broccoli and pineapple. Good luck and stay safe, Lisa

On Jan 19, 2003

The method you describe is a traditional form of trying to cure allergies. It's still used in 'allergy shots.' However, allergists have discounted it's usefulness in severe cases such as peanut allergies. In fact they found that it was actually harmful and possible lethal.

My personal opinion, (and it is just my opinion), is that your doctor is a quack and you should stop the treatment immediately. Also search for a proper allergist.

We all make mistakes regarding PA, but we just have to learn from them and move on.

On Jan 19, 2003

Lisa from Australia, my heart goes out to you and your twin. That "doctor" should be strung and quartered. Hugs, Miriam

On Jan 20, 2003


This is my point exactly. I have read countless articles on desensitization procedures. They all cite their fatalities!

We can wait. My son is prepared to deal with almost everything. His world is small but it is safe.

Haley's mom, please be careful choosing medical treatment. PA can be fatal. Use homeopathy to treat less serious things. I know you were looking for the best answer for your child.

Good luck


On Jan 22, 2003

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the boards and haven't posted much, but I couldn't help but respond to this topic. Haley's mom, as with everyone hear I completely agree that you are only doing everything you can for your child. Don't feel guilty!!!! I have a friend that went to a hmpth for her childs allergies to milk, egg, and soy. The results she got were tremendous. I had seen this child become very ill after accidently drinking someone's milk. After the treatments (4), she is now eating and drinking anything she wants with no problem.

I really wish it could be that simple for PA! There was a young man in Phoenix not very long ago that (after many treatments) continually came up negative for PA (skin & blood tests). His DR said the only way to be certain was a direct challenge. The young man went into the hospital, was hooked up to IV w/epinephrine ready, ate a peanut, and died. This is so sad! (my opinion....his DR should stay away from anyone w/severe allergies)

Just do your best and pray a lot. There are so many wonderfull people here on this sight......LOL to you all!

Stay safe! Lori


On Jan 22, 2003

Hi Haley's Mom I totally agree w/everyone here to not blame yourself for this. We are only trying our best and looking into things like this for our kid's best interest. I also live in the Bay Area (SSF) and have now started NAET w/my 2y/o daughter who's allergic to milk, soy, wheat, corn, garlic...and of course, peanut. Quite honestly, I don't know if this has helped or not but Zoe has had a growth spurt since we started...coincidence? But my point is, we both are looking into whatever 'safe' treatments there are out there for our kids and unfortunately, your doctor believes that PA can be cured. I have come to accept the fact that Zoe will pretty much outgrow most of her allergies (I HOPE) but will never outgrow her peanut allergy. If there's a doctor out there who says otherwise, I would nto go to him. Let us know what happens w/your daughter and her asthma. I hope and wish you and your daughter the best.

On Jan 22, 2003

Thank you all for your warm support! I have discontinued the homeopathic remedies for now. Will definitely not go back to the peanut one, but may try others in the future for much less serious ailments! Keep me posted on the NEAT treatment. There is supposed to be someone in Corte Madera who had a great reputation - might be something to pursue for the asthma. [img][/img]

On Mar 27, 2003

KathyD, This is the discussion I was referring to.

On Mar 27, 2003

Haley's mom How is your DD? Any change? Love this site Synthia

On Mar 27, 2003

Synthia, Thanks for asking! Her asthma seems to be getting better. She has a follow-up appt. with her pulminologist next week. I'll be very interested to see how she does on her breathing test. I'm hopig we can start taking her off of some of her medication...

On Mar 28, 2003

Hi Haley's Mom,

I just wanted to let you know that my dd developed asthma 2 years ago. The prior signs of its possibility was redness behind the ears & knees...who knows, she could have already been developing it.

Anyway, try not to beat yourself're trying your best to open the world up for her.