Describing Taste/Smell of Peanut Butter.

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My 7 year old p.a. child recently asked, "How am I supposed to know what peanut butter tastes/smells like so I can stay away from it if I never have had it?" We were at a flower show and found out they were boiling peanuts! Good question! Sounds simple, huh... but I found myself at a loss for words. Like trying to explain color to someone who has never seen it. She has had "airborne" reactions from being in the same room with peanut butter but I don't think she remembers an odor. Any good way to describe or handle this question?? I've always told her to spit food out no matter where she is if she feels she is having a reaction to it while chewing. I've read the posts about soy butter but some said they may contain almond paste (she's allergic to that, also). What soy butter or p.b. subs. is similar to taste/texture/smell of p.b. and also nut-free???

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On May 8, 2000

This probably won't help too much, but my son has never liked the smell of peanut butter - he says it just "smells nasty" to him. I've told him, just as you have told your daughter, trust your feelings and instincts. If you're not sure stay away from it.

As for the color, next time you have her in a grocery store with you, point it out on the shelf in the jar.

Stay safe, Michelle

On May 9, 2000

My son also cannot stand the smell of peanuts. He recently smelled it (as I am sure he often does) and acted as though it was the foulest thing he had ever smelled. I guess it is a natural defense mechanism.

On May 9, 2000

My son also hates the smell of peanut butter. Thirty minutes after my youngest one (non PA) had a piece of peanut butter toast (this was before we knew exactly that he was allergic to peanuts)and my husband brushed his teeth, washed his hands, and cleaned off the high chair my older PA son walked in the house and said, "Yuck, it stinks in here." Of course, we could not smell a thing. He has also just naturally hated the taste of all nuts. Like the last person stated, I guess it is a natural form of protection.

On May 9, 2000

You ask a good question. I cannot describe the taste and smell, but I have hated the smell and taste all my life. I do not know of anyone who is PA and likes the smell and taste. Andy

On May 14, 2000

I can only speak for myself, but the smell of peanuts/peanut butter to me is very similar to a "whole wheat" or "grainy" smell, but much more horrible. Sometimes my back and/or lips will tingle before the smell registers in my head, and I know there are peanuts around somewhere.

On May 16, 2000

to me, peanuts smell like a cross between burnt hair and soil.

i'm not sure this helps. [img][/img]


On May 17, 2000

I have had a peanut allergy all of my life and I am 50. I get air borne reactions too. When I get a reaction from eating peanuts, it tastes like cinnamon. Hives tell me it is peanuts.

On May 27, 2000

I am 35 and have been allergic to peanuts all my life. When I smell peanuts its like an immediate shiver alerts me to be safe. Find the source and take precautions. I can eat pastashio nuts and pretend peanuts must not be to different in taste.

On Jun 2, 2000

I am 33 and not PA. My son is. I enjoy peanuts. They taste a little like paper and feel crunchy. They taste better with salt or something sweet. Full of protein that is why we eat them.. I loved them but when I got pregnant I started to gag after eating peanut butter. I really don't smell much. This is very subjective and different for all. Peanut butter has no after taste and soy butter does. It tastes more like peanut butter when you put honey with it. It gets rid of the after taste. Butter beans are similar to the taste of peanut butter. peanut butter is also very sticky. That is why it made me gag.