Depressing Allergy Test Results


My son is 7 y.o. and hasn't been tested since he was 2 or 3, so we tested him for peanut and sesame to see if there had been any change. I honestly did not expect him to outgrow it since he was Class 4 at age 2 and he has asthma, but you all know it's impossible not to have a tiny bit of hope that it has at least gone DOWN, esp since he does not have reactions.

Well, his peanut went way up, from a Class 4 to a Class 6. Sesame went up from Class 1 to Class 2/3. Ugggh.

This is depressing. I wasn't really prepared to hear this. His asthma is SO much better and he has not had a reaction in ages. He goes to a regular peanut-filled school. He has a PF lunch table but that's the only major accommodation at school.

On the one hand, it's encouraging to know that even with these extremely bad test results, he is able to be safe with only minor precautions. And I'm glad to know the numbers because it makes me feel more confident about the safeguards and restrictions we do have in place, like the PF table.

But these results are a little scary. And we are moving to Korea, where the entire *culture* is marinated in sesame oil!! We are actually choosing the kids' school and the location of our apt. based on proximity to the best English-speaking medical center in Seoul.

He looks and acts and seems so healthy and strong--it's really hard to look at him and imagine something as stupid as a peanut could end his life. Normally I don't dwell on the life-threatening aspects of the allergy, but these results really bring it home.

I keep telling myself Class 2 can be just as dangerous as Class 6. On one level, I know that, but...UGH I'm rambling. I just want that PA vaccine available. I can handle all the dietary restrictions, but I'm sick of the nagging worry about cross contamination.

On Apr 5, 2003


My heart goes out to you. I remember when my son got his RAST results back last year and he went from a Class 2 to a Class 6. I also was very saddened. I remember going to the grocery store and looking at a bag of cookies on the shelf and also thinking, "one bite of that could kill my son". It was depressing and no one else quite understood how I felt. Just wanted to let you know that I empathize with you. But it is encouraging that your son has been reaction free for so long even w/ those results. Gives hope to the rest of us with Class 6ers [img][/img]

On Apr 5, 2003

I was sorry to hear about your ds's increasing numbers. My ds is also a class 6 pa kid. He's done amazingly well too. He's made it to age 5 (and almost one year of preschool) with pretty mild reactions, treatable with Benadryl. It's impossible to say if the reactions were due to pa or to another of his food allergies. I don't hold out much hope for lower numbers, but I'm with you, I wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised. I hope you're feeling better, and that you will be able to achieve a comfort level in the land of sesame. Take care!

------------------ Sally

On Apr 5, 2003

Hey Sandra, Yes, allergic is allergic regardless of class II or class VI- though we are always hoping for a drop in levels. The score can go up and up again sometimes- and then come down. My DS was off the charts to several foods(7) one year and next year some came down others didn't. He was class six to sesame now he is a low class four!!! He is 12 1/2 now and has made it with all the high-risk factors--- I really try encourage him to keep the asthma under control. That is so important to hopefully lessen the intensity of a reaction were he to have one. And we have back up epiPen/inhaler/benadryl kit for when he fogets it-- but we are really trying to build his being responsible to have it and not count on us.

Hope this helps-- and I hope your son's scores come down next time. My son gets retested in May- some years we didn't even see the allergist as no food challenges could be scheduled as none came down. Now I'm not really expecting any more food challenges any time soon- even if scores are down because doctor will likely want to wait and have score(s) consistantly low for couple years as they have been so very high.

Take Care,