We just flew on Delta and each time I had to tell the flight attendant's that my daughter has a peanut allergy and each time they looked at me like they had never heard of this before. The worst part was they were offering 3 different snack items and do you think they could just take away the peanut option - of course not - instead they offered the 3 row in front and 3 row behind us buffer option. Thank goodness my daughter seems to be ok w/the peanut dust, but I was watching her like a hawk the entire time. This is awful - peanuts can KILL people but they continue to serve them - I will never fly Delta again. Oh, and they didn't even announce that someone on the plane had an allergy - I can't believe that this is still happening with all of the media attention on this!

On Jun 25, 2008

Thanks for posting and I'm sorry that happened. We talked about flying for our next vacation and I'm scared to death.

On Jun 25, 2008

some airlines have stopped serving nuts - I flew not long ago on Alaska no nuts just crackers that had sesame. Of course I didn't even take those but it was a relief not to have nuts served especially since I was alone with 2 kids 2 and 6 yrs old.


On Jun 25, 2008

Air Tran is one that is good-they only serve the mini bags of pretzels... I'm curious about United-we are in a United hub (Denver) and 75% of the time we fly them... though not since we've found out about dd's allergy.

We flew Delta a few months ago, for vacation, and found out about dd's allergy while *on* vacation. Total nightmare-we ended up switching to American (who also did not serve peanuts, but made a point of telling me that they *could*, even with dd on board...they were under no obligation to do anything to accomodate her @@ ). I'm not sure I'd fly them again... we rarely do anyways.

I noticed the peanuts and pb crackers on Delta, and dd had her reaction & was diagnosed the next day (bit into a pb cookie by mistake-she's always hated peanuts). The flight did not bother her at all, even with everyone opening up peanuts...but there was no way I was willing to risk it again...We won't fly them again.

Not flying is not an option for us-all our families are 1800 miles away.

On Jul 27, 2008

We just had a great experience with Delta. Our flight attendants were wonderful. They did the 3-row buffer, which works just fine for my child. We know how lucky we are-- he apparently has to ingest it to have a problem. We even heard the flight attendant tell people that they could have the peanuts as they got off the plane, but that they needed to choose something else for during the flight. It made us feel great. I probably would not feel that way if my son were airborne- allergic.

On Jul 28, 2008

We flew Delta in April. Yes, they have a lot of peanut offering for purchase, but the attendants were all over making a buffer (they actually did 5 ahead and 5 behind us. They also inquired if people had peanut items in their personal belongings that they intended on eating. On the leg home, this attendant asked EVERY passenger individually if they planned on eating any nuts they had brought on board. One guy wouldn't answer and she was like Sir, do you agree to not eat any nuts while you are on this airplane. I need an answer! LOL While I would prefer that there were no nuts served, I did find that both legs of our Delta crew were well versed about allergies and they handled things well. I also liked that our seats were leather and easy to wipe down.

On Aug 2, 2008

I haven't flown delta in a while.. however, My sister used to work for them for years... I thinkit depends on the flight crew. everytime we flew they were good. they made an announcem,ent, let us board early, gave us a buffer zone. they didn't serve bag peanuts as all. the box lunch that was served had a " may contain tree nut label". so we didn't eat it. I guess it just depends on what crew you get and the pilot.

sorry for your experience

By saknjmom on Jan 26, 2009

I think they are changing their policies now. I recently saw an article. I'll try and find it.

By cfkjc2 on Jan 27, 2009

hmmm, really? they got NWA to change to their policy already. after years of no packaged peanuts, nwa are brining them back in Feb. you can see that policy in FAAN website under travel