DELTA - Do Not Fly with a Peanut Allergy

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I am awaiting some type of response from Delta on a flight we recently took based on our treatment. Please note they have a "buffer policy" that only the flight staff seems to be aware of. I would suggest flying other airlines where peanuts are not served.

By mnhockeymom63 on Oct 26, 2010

Yes three rows in front and three rows behind - and they don't even have to do that per the captain of the flight we were on. Regardless we did not learn of this policy until our return fligh from Orange County....very long story and very rude Delta team son will never fly Delta again. We have flown often and have never had the two hour extravaganza that we had to deal with before. If Delta reservations would have told us when we were booking the flight we would have found another carrier.

By zeena2 on Oct 26, 2010

A "buffer policy" meaning they serve peanuts but just not around the seats where the peanut allergic person is sitting?

By zeena2 on Oct 26, 2010

Wow - that was unfortunate they had to treat you rudely. It is sad they would not be kinder about a child with an allergy. Thanks for the heads up about Delta.

By mnhockeymom63 on Nov 1, 2010

I wish I could say I was surprised but I am not just based on what we went through. I was actually told that Peanut Allergies are not a disability and should get over it and stop inconveniencing others (by a Delta employee's spouse).

Guess that means we don't have to complete 504 Plans for school anymore. By the way is your son starting school next year? You may want to start doing some research on your school district and what you need to do for peanut free room and peanut free lunch table. I am thinking that it is somewhat easier than it was 10 years ago....we were mavericks back then in unchartered territory.

Hopefully the studies at Duke will work out and we can go from life threatening allergy to just an allergy and no epi pens.

Take care!

By cervonil on Oct 27, 2010

Interesting article on worst Arilines. See where Delta is!

By cervonil on Nov 1, 2010

we're sending him to a private school that is peanut/nut free for at least kindergarten. It is pricey though.