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Posted on: Wed, 12/27/2000 - 4:04am
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Delta is NOT peanut free, though they may on occasion attempt to accomodate a PA passenger.
Chris -- if you read this, can you change the thread heading & remove the part about Delta being "peanut free"? It can be very misleading to anyone who might not take the time to read the thread.

Posted on: Wed, 12/27/2000 - 5:51am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I just wanted to chime in that we flew Delta over the holidays and had a wonderful experience. We have a 20 month old with PA and I was scared to death to fly Delta after hearing all the horror stories on this site. But, they were the only airline to fly direct to our location. The check-in people, flight attendants were all very accomodating. THey knew who we were when we checked in. On the outgoing flight the flight attendant checked with the 3 rows in front and back of us with each person to see if they could NOT eat anything with peanuts. Passengers were very nice and understanding. They did NOT serve the snack (which I guess has peanuts in it). On the incoming flight, they had actually paged us at the gate before we got there to discuss the arrangements. No snack was served with peanuts. They allowed us to pre-board so that I could wipe the seat arms and tray tables and set up my daughters car seat. I obviously would feel much better about flying United knowing they are peanut free..but Delta was very accomodating!

Posted on: Tue, 02/13/2001 - 4:07am
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delta serves peanut butter sandwiches for their children's meals and WILL NOT SWITCH THEM for another meal.
we booked thru a disney travel agent and the flight home has pb&j as the children's snack.
They said they have no control over their caterer! yeah, right.

Posted on: Wed, 02/14/2001 - 10:41am
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Is there any way to get the topic heading of this thread changed?! It is just SO incorrect and misleading to read that "Delta Airlines-now peanut free". It concerns me that someone may just see that and believe it without reading further. Chris?!

Posted on: Fri, 02/16/2001 - 12:58am
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RE: Altering the name of the thread. Chris is a pretty busy guy, and since the name of the thread hasn't changed, he likely hasn't read your posts. If you want him to make the change, you have to email him directly at [email]Chris@PeanutAllergy.com[/email] with your concerns.

Posted on: Fri, 02/16/2001 - 3:11am
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one suggestion, lets not POST in this topic again, that way it will stay at the bottom.
I know I should do this also LOL.
I opened another thread stating delta is NOT peanut free (and of course spelled delta wrong). SO lets post a lot there to keep it on top!

Posted on: Tue, 11/16/2010 - 6:17am
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I can confirm that Delta CONTINUES to serve peanuts on their flights. We flew Delta three weeks ago and due to the lack of information provided by reservations (i.e. peanut free) we booked the flight. On our outbound flight everything was fine they were aware of the alergy and only served the cookies and pretzels. However our inbound flight was an experience that I would prefer to forget. I notified Delta in writing about the details and our treatment but bottom line they serve peanuts and their policy is a buffer zone three seat before and three seats after.....
I am disheartened because Delta indicated that they would work with reservations to indicate their policy at the time of booking and apparently this is still not the case.
Fly another airline unless you feel okay with peanuts being served to all except your immediate area.

Posted on: Tue, 06/05/2012 - 5:17am
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eanut Allergies
Delta has a new Policy: When you notify us that you have a peanut allergy, we'll create a buffer zone of three rows in front of and three rows behind your seat. Effective on flights operating June 1, 2012 and beyond, when you notify us that you have a peanut allergy, we’ll refrain from serving peanuts and peanut products onboard your flight. We'll also advise cabin service to board additional non-peanut snacks, which will allow our flight attendants to serve these snack items to everyone within this area.
Gate agents will be notified in case you'd like to pre-board and cleanse the immediate seating area. We'll do everything we can, but unfortunately we still can't guarantee that the flight will be completely peanut-free.

Posted on: Wed, 02/13/2013 - 2:53am
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ImmunityMan has been banned from this site and his comments deleted. We encourage debate on this site, but going after someone's children and invoking "natural selection" is way out of bounds. This is not only common sense but also violates our Terms of Use.

Posted on: Tue, 07/16/2013 - 8:17am
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I fly Delta several times a year. I am highly peanut allergic and they have worked nicely with me for the most part. I was thrilled this past spring to hear that they would not be serving any peanuts because I was on board. So let them know, and as per my experience , they will not serve peanuts to anyone. (Obviously someone else could have brought them on board tho.)



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