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Posted on: Tue, 11/04/2008 - 10:50am
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The more I think about the fact that Delta Airlines serves peanuts on their flights, the angrier I become. 2 nights ago my family and I could not board our flight because their incredibly rude crew stated to us that they, "MUST serve peanuts. It is an order from corporate." We pleaded with them and they stated that the best they could do is provide a 3 row buffer zone. What does that mean? Are they allergy specialists? Do they understand something that my husband and myself (both doctors) don't know? They don't carry epi pens, they have filthy peanut-laden can they sell the tickets without a disclaimer?

They can't have it both ways. If they INSIST on giving the nasty, dry, cheap peanuts, instead of the countless other nasty, dry, cheap snacks they could serve...then don't sell tickets to peanut allergic people. But WHY?! Why do they HAVE to serve peanuts? They really, really don't care about my son or anyone else with a peanut allergy. What about some poor child whose parents don't understand peanut allergy and trust the "Delta guidelines". They are going to hurt someone! How is this OK? Please help me make a statement to Delta. I don't want their money...I want them to stop serving peanuts.

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